How is the future development trend of CNC EDM machine tool market?

November 08, 2019

Abstract China's first EDM machine tool was born in 1954. The dm5540 electric pulse machine developed successfully in 1958 has the advantages of high efficiency and low electrode loss, and thus began the period of electroforming machine tool entering mold processing. "Steel hit...
China's first EDM machine was born in 1954. The dm5540 electric pulse machine developed successfully in 1958 has the advantages of high efficiency and low electrode loss, and thus began the period of electroforming machine tool entering mold processing. The research on the "steel-making steel" electric machining process successfully solved the problem of the cooperation between the electrode and the punch, which made the electric processing machine tool further popularized and applied in the processing of the mold (especially the stamping die). The rushing d6140 EDM machine tool for transistor pulse power supply, which appeared in 1965, broadened the application of electromachining in cavity mold processing. The electric processing machine tools of thyristor power supply and transistor power supply have been greatly developed in the 1970s. They are combined with the ever-improving translational head to make the cavity mode EDM process mature and promote the cavity mode. New developments in spark machining.

According to analysts at Shangpu Consulting, EDM machines have developed rapidly since the 1960s. In 1964, China developed a photoelectric tracking EDM wire cutting machine and a fast wire EDM wire cutting machine. In 1969, a fast wire-cut CNC electric discharge wire cutting machine appeared.

In 2013, China's CNC EDM machine industry demand reached 2.928 billion yuan, an increase of 32.3%.
Source: Shangpu Consulting

With the development of numerical control technology, the EDM machine has made new breakthroughs in the 1980s, and some high-performance CNC EDM machines have appeared one after another. In the 1980s, China also developed its own FET pulse power supply, CNC translation device and process technology and low-speed wire cutting technology, which enabled China's CNC EDM to develop rapidly. With the production of EDM machines and the introduction of CNC EDM technology and machine tools by Sino-foreign joint ventures, EDM machines are increasingly used in China's mold industry, and their role is becoming more and more important.

China's 90s production of hcx250, dk76, cc100, dk7632 and other CNC low-speed wire-cutting machine tools for stamping die processing, regardless of process, technology, function, processing accuracy, efficiency, surface quality and processing properties of super-hard materials The aspects have been greatly improved. S205tnc, hcd400k, gw7452, sc110, sf310, b50, etc. The performance of a series of highly competitive CNC EDM machines has made China's EDM machine tools in the mold industry more attractive. High precision, stable and reliable, and moderate price.

The United States, the United Kingdom, and Russia all attach great importance to the research of numerically controlled electrolytic machining technology and have been applied, playing an important role in the development of new aero engines and space rocket engines. The five-axis CNC electrolytic machining of the American ge company and the German dorner company, the United States, Russia, the contour electrolysis processing with the crown impeller represents the international advanced level of the numerical control electrolytic machining integral impeller.

The diversity of edm machine tools at the current level of development gives a deep impression. For example, for the same size machine tools, the famous electric machine tool manufacturers in Switzerland and Japan are divided into several models, and several varieties are expanded by configuration. This has a great choice for the user, which is a correct response to the development trend of the multi-variety and quantitative development proposed by the electric machine tool industry to adapt to its own service targets, such as automobiles, home appliances, and it. It is also the full performance of edm technology maturity.

According to the “In-depth Research and Prospect Forecast Report of China's CNC EDM Machine Industry 2014-2018” released by Shangpu Consulting, the diversity of varieties will inevitably bring about personalized performance. The performance of some products is basically tailor-made for users, because there is a personalized market that is different from the traditional market, and there are market segments with certain requirements in the general market. . This mainly refers to the EDM machines dedicated to the structure and function developed to adapt to certain special strength operations, special materials, special parts and structures, as well as specialized and personalized services.

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