Vacuum pump performance parameters

November 16, 2019

As the rapid development of China's industry, the application of vacuum pump is also more and more widely. For example in the field of machinery, chemical industry, medicine, food, electronics and other fields. In order to better understand the vacuum pump, understanding the performance parameters of the vacuum pump is very necessary. Vacuum pump Next, it will be a detailed description of its performance parameters: 1, the ultimate pressure of the vacuum pump: pump pressure limit unit is Pa, the pump is equipped with a standard test at the entrance cover and the provisions of the work conditions, without introducing gas to work Of the case, the trend toward the lowest pressure. 2, the reflux rate: pump back flow rate unit is g / cm2.s. It refers to the pump when the required conditions work, through the pump inlet unit area pump flow mass flow rate. 3, the pumping speed of the vacuum pump: Pump pumping speed unit is m3 / s or l / s, is the pump equipped with a standard test cover, and work in accordance with the provisions of the conditions, the flow of gas flow through the test cover and in the test The ratio of the equilibrium pressure measured at the specified position of the hood. Pump pumping speed. 4, the maximum pressure before the vacuum pump: the largest vacuum pump port before the pressure unit is Pa, which means more than the previous pump can damage the pressure. 5, pumping speed coefficient: the actual pumping speed of the pump at the entrance by the molecular effusion calculated theoretical pumping speed ratio. 6, the starting pressure of the vacuum pump: the starting pressure of the vacuum pump unit Pa, it refers to the pump start without damage and the pressure when pumping. 7, water vapor allowance: The allowable water vapor unit is kg / h, it refers to the pump under normal environmental conditions, gas pump can be removed in the continuous operation of the water vapor mass flow. 8, the maximum allowable steam inlet pressure: The maximum allowable steam inlet pressure unit is Pa. It refers to the maximum inlet pressure of water vapor that can be extracted by the gas-operated pump under continuous operation under normal environmental conditions. 9, the maximum working pressure of the vacuum pump: The maximum working pressure of the vacuum pump unit is Pa, which refers to the maximum intake pressure corresponding to the inlet pressure. Under this pressure, the pump can work continuously without deterioration or damage. Through the above, we have a certain understanding of the meaning of the performance parameters of the vacuum pump, in the future there will be no small help in the purchase. 10, compression ratio: compression ratio refers to the pump for a given gas outlet pressure and inlet pressure ratio. By understanding the relevant performance parameters of the vacuum pump, it is a good way for the user to find a product that suits him better. By studying the performance parameters of the vacuum pump after the promotion and value of the product of great significance. Related Articles: Analysis and Maintenance Methods of Common Faults of Water Ring Vacuum Pumps Application of Monitoring Methods of Running State of Water Ring Vacuum Pumps

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