Spool valve vacuum pump advantages and disadvantages

November 16, 2019

[Asia Fluid Network News] Spool valve vacuum pump can be used alone, but also as other high-vacuum pump before the pump. Widely used in vacuum smelting, vacuum drying, vacuum impregnation, high vacuum simulation experiments and other vacuum operations. It has many advantages for such products, but there are also pitfalls, knowing that these are equally important to users and producers. Slide valve vacuum pump Next, the main introduction of the advantages and shortcomings of the slide valve vacuum pump: Sliding valve vacuum pump Advantages: 1, after the optimal design of counterweight, less vibration, low noise. 2, sealed oil chamber separate oil supply, separated from the pump chamber, to avoid impurities into the bearings, seals premature damage. 3, according to user requirements, can be attached to the tank, to achieve the role of cooling vacuum oil separation impurities. 4, In addition to the old H-150, the motor are placed above the pump, compact structure, small footprint. Sliding valve vacuum pump Disadvantages: 1, due to the spool valve vacuum pump body size smaller pumping speed larger. However, due to the large swing spool lever swing, this structure is only used for small pumps. 2, slide valve vacuum pump exhaust valve vulnerable to damage, resulting in noise, which for the production and the environment has brought some adverse effects. 3, slide valve vacuum pump because the valve does not Pahang inertial force easily lead to vibration, for a certain impact on the production. In summary, combined with its advantages and disadvantages, we can know that the slide valve vacuum pump is a kind of more practical equipment, although its scope of use has some limitations, but the flaw does not cover up in the entire market, It is still very competitive. For further improvement of its deficiencies and continuous improvement of its expertise, I believe such products, in the future there will be a more brilliant future of the industry. Related articles: Sliding valve vacuum pump parameters Sliding valve vacuum pump features

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