What are the advantages and disadvantages of the aluminum buckle ceiling?

November 16, 2019

Ceiling is a very common material in the decoration, and the ceiling material is divided into many kinds. For example, there are gypsum board ceilings, glass ceilings, aluminum buckle ceilings, etc. The different types of ceiling decoration effects and advantages and disadvantages are different. Here we take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the ceiling of the aluminum buckle board and the construction of the ceiling of the aluminum buckle board . I hope to help everyone!

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the aluminum buckle ceiling ?


1. The aluminum buckle plate is a special ceiling material. It not only has a good decorative effect, but also has good moisture-proof, anti-oil, and flame-retardant properties.

2, aluminum buckle ceiling also has a very good corrosion resistance, able to withstand a variety of soot, moist environment, but also has anti-ultraviolet function, so this material is a good choice.

3, aluminum buckle plate as China's high-end ceiling materials, long life, easy to change color, while the price is moderate, people can buy inexpensive goods.


1. Compared with other ceiling materials, the aluminum buckle ceiling is relatively high in installation requirements. If the joints are not well handled, it will also affect the flatness of the entire ceiling.

2. The ceiling of the aluminum buckle plate needs to be marked with a keel when it is installed. Now, there are mainly two wood keels and light steel keels. If the wooden keel is selected to be easily damp, it will affect the firmness and appearance of the ceiling.

3, there is a disadvantage of the aluminum buckle plate ceiling is plate type, style is not plastic plate type rich plate.

Construction of aluminum buckle ceiling

1, pay attention to the installation sequence: In the installation of aluminum buckle board ceiling, the kitchen should first fix the hood smoke hose, determine the location of the hood, and then do the ceiling. The bathroom should be equipped with Yuba, exhaust fan, and then suspended ceiling.

2. Pay attention to the installation dimensions: Before installation, please inform the installation worker about the location of the lamp, the Yuba, and the discharge. In order to determine the position of the opening, the Yuba keel must be installed on its own, or a self-made simple wooden frame.

3, note the depth of drilling: square plate to use light steel keel, slats with aluminum keel or galvanized keel, according to the measurement of construction drawings, drilling depth of 3 ~ 4cm is appropriate to prevent damage to the wire and waterproof layer.

4. Pay attention to the distance between the keel: arrange the keel according to the size of the gusset plate, the distance is 50~60cm, and the boom should not exceed 30cm from the end of the main keel. Otherwise, the boom should be added to avoid falling.

5. Pay attention to the panel connection: The panel and the keel should be tightly connected, the surface should be flat, and the joints should be free from pollution, missing corners, hammers, delamination, and warping angles. The gap between the corner line and the wall is also Be small and even.

6, pay attention to the top of the furniture: avoid the exhaust fan, Yuba, large lamps, mounted directly on the gusset or keel, can be directly reinforced at the top.

With regard to the advantages and disadvantages of the ceilings of the aluminum gussets and the precautions for the construction of the ceilings of the aluminum gussets, Xiaobian has introduced them briefly. I wonder if it will help everyone! In general, there are both advantages and disadvantages in the ceilings of aluminum buckles . We can make a comparison after careful comparison. In addition, the ceiling of the aluminum buckle plate should also pay attention to many details when it is installed. The above content is worthy of reference.

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