Living room ceiling style European style living room ceiling effect considerations

November 21, 2019

European-style style line angle changes, European-style living room ceilings are slightly European style and have a certain cultural atmosphere. The European-style living room is not just a luxurious atmosphere, but more comfortable and romantic. What should you pay attention to in the European style living room ceiling?

1, the design principle of the European villa living room

When people walk into a house, the first thing that catches the eye is the European-style villa living room. Its decoration style is also obvious to all. Therefore, when decorating the European villa living room, a design principle to follow is: home decoration style should be in European style. The villa living room is enhanced to allow it to fully show it.

  2, European villa living room ventilation

A well-ventilated European-style villa living room can make the entire room space not boring, on the contrary is to give a very comfortable feeling. Therefore, when the European villa living room is divided, it must be considered whether it is ventilated or not.

3, European villa living room lighting

The well-lit European-style villa living room will make the entire space particularly bright, and vice versa. If people live in a dark and space environment, they will inevitably produce a lot of bad negative emotions and may even suffer from depression. Therefore, when the European villa living room decoration must consider its lighting factors, so as to create a bright and comfortable space atmosphere.

4, European villa living room layout

European-style villa living room, also known as the living room, can generally be divided into meeting area, dining area, study area and so on. The division of these functional divisions must be reasonable and must be harmonized. The area of ​​the reception area can be relatively large, so that guests will not feel that the space is small. The dining area is relatively close to the kitchen because it is convenient for dining and serving.


5, Continental villa living room decoration

The furnishings of European-style villa living room and other items and the style of European-style villa living room are unified, you can put some personalized objects, thus reflecting the owner's personality and taste. In addition, some green plants can be placed in the European-style villa living room to add a sense of freshness to the home space.

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