Mining submersible pump main purposes are there?

November 22, 2019

[Asia Fluid Network News] Mine submersible pump to extract water mainly in coal mines for rural areas, cities, industrial and mining enterprises such as water use, drainage. In the use of geothermal engineering, such as: mining, medical, bathing, breeding, crops and so on. As its range of use increases, more people have begun to pay attention to the main purpose and usage of mining submersible pumps. It can be said that after years of development and actual combat experience, the use of mining submersible pumps has attracted more and more people's attention. Mining submersible pump main purposes are there? The following will detail the main purposes of mining submersible pumps: 1, with the use of submersible motors, down into the motor before filling water, and then connected to the water pipes and cables, do not have to do any other work. That is, there is no need to install a foot valve, no vacuum pump, no need of filling, and the pump can be started or stopped at any time (but it can not be started frequently). 2, double-suction mining submersible pump structural features: It is from the impeller on both sides of the double suction mining submersible pump, pump cover and pump body is the use of horizontal joints for assembly, also known as the level of open Centrifugal pump. Compared with single-stage single suction centrifugal pump, high efficiency, large flow, higher head. For hilly, plateau medium-sized irrigation area, also applies to factories, mines, urban water supply and drainage and so on. 3, from the drive side, divided into clockwise and counterclockwise rotation. Double suction mining submersible pump main purposes: For factories, mines, urban water supply, power plants, farmland irrigation and drainage and various water conservancy projects. Widely used in urban water supply and drainage, urban water supply; central heating system to the drainage; iron and steel metallurgical enterprises, petrochemical refineries, paper mills, thermal power plants, power stations and other water supply and drainage; commercial buildings, factories, mines and other fire fighting systems water supply, air conditioning systems Water supply; farmland drainage and irrigation and various water conservancy projects. After long-term development of our pump business, according to the actual specific needs of the pump to improve, different pumps can now achieve common, to achieve high efficiency, simple and practical purposes, and after the improvement without losing the general use of the pump. Mine submersible pump is certainly used for deep-water extraction mining mining industry. Each type of utensil used for mining has a special role. The main function of mining submersible pumps is to extract short-range mining deep water, such as when mining a large share of groundwater, which is not far from the ground. Related Articles: Mining submersible pump which brand is good? Interpretation of Working Principle of Mining Submersible Pumps

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