Suspended ceiling decoration style classification

November 23, 2019

The ceiling shape is the ultimate limiting element of the interior space structure. It is a covering element that encloses the interior space. Because of its concealed protection, the building space becomes a real interior, and the natural decoration ceiling becomes the focus of attention. What are the common ceiling models?

From the design point of view alone, the shape of the ceiling can be divided into the following categories:

First, curved surface

The curved ceilings are arched upwards and form a pattern of micro domes. The height of the rooms is relatively increased, and the space is highly open. They are mostly used in halls of public buildings such as stations and airports.

Second, folding type

The surface of the surface of the folding roof has obvious bumpy changes. Lights are often arranged at the notches to show the unevenness. The advantage of the folding ceiling is that it can adapt to special acoustic requirements, such as cinemas and theaters.


Third, flat

Plane type is the most used form of a ceiling, early wood tops, plaster tops, and now more modern sealed ceiling, its appearance is smooth, simple and more than under the floor plate.

Fourth, web format

There are two forms of ceilings in the net format. One is the grid top formed by the primary or secondary beam or well beam in the concrete floor, and the other is the grid top formed by the wooden girder under the beam structure. Like a smallpox in traditional Chinese architecture.


Fifth, hierarchical

Hierarchical ceilings are layers that are layered to give them a layered appearance.

Sixth, suspended

Suspended suspended ceiling is another slab hanging under the floor plate or roof panel, there are various plates such as gypsum board, mineral wool board, aluminum alloy board and plastic board.

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