2013 rosewood furniture consumption doubled to 800 million yuan, the trend only rose or not

December 04, 2019

Despite the rising prices, the consumption of mahogany furniture is getting better in Hubei. The reporter learned from the Hubei Redwood Furniture Association on the 3rd that the consumption of mahogany furniture in the province was expected to exceed 800 million yuan last year, double the number in 2012. The traditional sources of Chinese redwoods are Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. Currently, the four countries of Dalbergia have been banned from harvesting and exporting wild-colored Dalbergia. The new content of Appendix II of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora has also entered into force in mid-June 2013, and various redwood exports in various countries have been restricted. Myanmar will stop exporting logs on April 1, 2014. The restricted import of redwood has caused the price of mahogany furniture to soar in the past year. Xu Jingsheng, president of Hubei Redwood Furniture Association, said that ordinary rosewood such as African rosewood, African rosewood, chicken wing wood and other materials rose more than 30% last year, while precious redwoods such as Burmese rosewood and Laohong rosewood rose 100%. -120%. Despite this, the ornamental and collectible value of mahogany furniture is still driving more and more people to buy. In the “Sheng Baozhen Redwood” store of Huazhong Redwood Furniture Expo Center, the owner told the reporter: “A few days ago, a customer from Xinzhou came to buy mahogany furniture. He said that after the house was demolished, after buying the house with compensation, I hope to buy a set. The mahogany furniture is both top grade and collectible.” The reporter learned that mahogany furniture merchants provide recycling business – no matter how many years have been used, 20% of the purchase price of mahogany furniture in the year is 20%. Despite this, few people have started selling mahogany furniture. Cai Yuan, head of the Huazhong Redwood Expo Center “Daguanyuan Redwood”, said that the soft furniture will be deformed and become old after three or four years. The leather furniture will wear out after seven or eight years. The mahogany furniture is not only durable, but also more valuable. Because of this, the consumer groups of mahogany furniture have expanded from middle-aged and elderly to young people. For the price trend of mahogany furniture this year and next, many dealers agreed that the scarcity of raw materials will only rise and not fall, "only the problem of rising more and less."

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