Colorful sofas and simple fashion create a multicolored life

December 04, 2019

"There are many kinds of soft beds and soft sofas. It has been in Shijiazhuang for more than half a year, and the sales are good. The colorful sofas are mainly fashionable and simple style, which is very suitable for young people." “The lowest discount for Sohu. The network is an indispensable marketing channel in the future. We will be committed to making the colorful sofas fully promoted through this event. The colorful sofas attach great importance to network promotion and are currently groping. In the face of the consumers' doubts about the colorful furniture sofas such as the short-term furniture brand in Shijiazhuang, and the “crazy night market, naked price and cool” large-scale furniture collection activities on July 17th, there are many preferential policies. Bai Zhifeng, general manager of the colorful sofa Shijiazhuang gave such an answer. "Crazy night market, naked price icy" large-scale furniture collection activities related information colorful sofas using cotton, hemp and other pure natural fabrics, diverse styles, design humanity, rich colors, naturally more art; it is green The product, environmental protection and health, has improved the shortage of leather sofa, but it is not inferior to leather sofa; it is beautiful in design, generous, soft in color, and makes people easy to get close. It has a set of such sofas, so that you can enjoy the feeling of spring. . N reasons to choose a variety of colorful furniture. Reasons A famous brand name is actually 100% famous designer 100% real material 100% economical and practical 100% price competitive 100% health and environmental protection. Reason 2: Real material Nordic minimalist style, smooth lines, perfect combination of functionality, maximizing product cost performance, meeting the needs of modern urban young people who pursue comfort and taste life! The plate is made of Jissengong “Lushuihe” solid wood granules. The surface is imported by the country and imported from the American cherry immersion film. The texture is clear and vivid, the color is harmonious and the German wear resistance, corrosion resistance and resistance. Scratch and other characteristics. The hardware adopts German Häfele, Hong Kong and Fengfeng, Lifan and other well-known brands of aluminum and hardware at home and abroad, which are safe, stable and durable. The glass is made of high-quality hatching glass, and the panel glass is completely tempered. The corroded glass is saturated with syrup. The surface has a concave and convex texture, which is clear without leaving fingerprints. The edge banding adopts the edge band of Yida, Xiongyi Company and the hot melt adhesive imported from Italy, which is beautiful and smooth and durable. Reason 3: The true healthy and environmentally friendly sofa has a formaldehyde emission level that meets the European E1 environmental standards, and no paint is used in the production process. All parts of the product are sealed around the sides to avoid the release of a small amount of free aldehyde. The product is sterilized at 200 degrees to prevent bacterial parasites. Reason four to reduce costs, highlighting the price of attractive and colorful introduction of ISO9001: 2000 quality management system to reduce manufacturing costs. Advanced automation of imported machinery and equipment to improve work efficiency. Buy in bulk and reduce procurement costs. The adoption of the ERP series reduces waste. Reason 5: Pre-sale, sale and after-sales service with excellent pre-sale, sale and after-sales service is the highest goal we pursue.

Melamine Laminated MDF board is mainly used for laminate floor, door sheet, partition, furniture,  decoration of indoor&outdoor, office and home furniture, sould equipment, inside decoration of the car, antistatic floor of computer room, panel, security door, wall board etc, and also used for the package and the basic material of laminate Wood Flooring .

Melamine Laminated MDF Board is easily for coating finishing, every coating, oil paint are also on the surface of Melamine Laminated MDF , is the fist choice as the basic material of painting effects.Melamine Laminated MDF is one kind of beautiful material of decoration. Smooth and flat surface, fine texture, steady property. All kinds of venner, gummed paper, light metal plate, melamine paper etc, is also can on the surface of the Melamine Laminated MDF. Melamine Laminated MDF is made from acoustical board after drilling, is used in construction decorative progress, such as meeting room, displaying room, office etc. And we have Furniture Melamine MDF Board.

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Melamine Mdf Details:

size:1220*2440MM 1830*3660MM 1830*2440MM 915&610*3660MM 1220*2800MM 1525*2440MM





melamine mdf

Melamine MDF

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