Industry Focus: When will the Guangzhou furniture industry return to China?

December 06, 2019

During the International Furniture Fair in Cologne on January 19, 2010, four core themes of interior design – “discipline”, “trick”, “comfort zone” and “rebirth” will be launched. As a result, the industry predicts that the fashion trends in 2010 will correspond to the four directions of mashup, play, naturalism and new luxury. The "home trend" just published predicts that the furniture will be colored in the next year, and luxury will remain. The classification and reorganization of these two predictions will reveal an interesting phenomenon: luxury is affirmative, and the mashup is not only reflected in the style, but also in the material and color. The furniture is unique in shape or has novel functions, that is, value, etc. The style has changed from price + quality to price + quality + design, and natural and rich furniture such as plants and flowers are popular. Do not believe, you go to the market. In Guangzhou's high-end furniture hypermarkets, such as Da Vinci and Jisheng Weibang, the most expensive ones are the new Baroque-style European neo-classical furniture and post-modern furniture, and it seems that they are the best sellers because of their The furniture is placed in the most luxurious model room developed by the real estate developers, which attracts a wave of visitors. Mixing has long been reflected in the material, stainless steel with leather, plastic, solid wood, glass, solid wood with panels, fabrics, leather, etc. As for the mix of styles, European furniture has long been grafted with Chinese traditional blue and white porcelain patterns, Chinese furniture is also early Take a comfortable flight with European furniture. Everyone knows that the design of the unique furniture Guangzhou market is not uncommon, but the acceptable people are a minority, so some shops have been closed. As for naturalism, the rural style has blown from Europe (British country style) to North America. (American country style), and then blown to Asia (Korean-style pastoral style), has been for many years, and now the general petty bourgeoisie does not bother to mention this word, afraid of being ridiculed by others. I don't believe in the predictions of the experts. I just wonder: Is China's furniture at the forefront of the world? I am willing to believe that Singapore furniture manufacturers and designers judge the trend. They believe that the world should rethink the pattern of consumption, the definition of luxury, "value for money" and the transformation of "values", as well as the promotion of sustainable values, environmentally friendly design that does not waste resources, will dominate the purchase and design of the next few years. direction. It is said that New York designer Stephen Burks used the old magazine shredded paper to design the "Love Series" small table and chair for the Italian furniture brand Cappellini. However, the Chinese market has not yet, and it is estimated that even if they come in, these old magazine shredded papers are estimated to be not cheap. Making products more durable and passing on from generation to generation is the only way to reduce waste. This may be just a wish. Except for the authentic Ming and Qing classical furniture that is not easy to use but preserves value (see map), the current furniture does not have the basic needs passed down from generation to generation. I have asked a domestic "superior" (in fact, expensive) furniture store promoter, how many years has this furniture been used? The promoters replied: The three-pack period of furniture is one year. Even the expensive hardwood furniture, the warranty is only two years. It should be no problem for us to use this furniture for five years and eight years. Furniture is now a luxury, and several large agents in Guangzhou are putting the luxury furniture business first. When is the furniture able to return to the original, go back to no noise, not gorgeous, low-key quiet, suitable for home design aesthetics?

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