Consumers can not afford to pay attention to building materials, furniture companies must pay attention to product quality

December 07, 2019

Recently, it is said that the distribution of the "international super brand" of a high-end furniture business, broke the suspected product origin fraud, and the price of high-priced furniture is not enough news. The series of performances of the company, while disappointing some consumers, also seriously affected its own image and operation. In this regard, the gold cabinet overall furniture and other well-known enterprises in the building materials and home furnishing industry said that furniture companies must provide users with quality and reasonable prices in a responsible manner. Gold cabinets and other enterprises believe that in today's consumer environmental awareness and awareness of rights protection, custom furniture companies must pay attention to product quality issues, can not fool users. Can't afford to hurt, the quality of furniture that is not qualified for high-priced furniture will be very good? In fact, it may not be. According to CCTV's "Weekly Quality Report" column, some consumers have purchased more than 2.8 million yuan of furniture from a well-known high-end furniture store. But this set of furniture actually emits a strong smell. Later, the user asked the authorities to carry out tests and found that the quality of some of the furniture was unqualified. The overall person in charge of the whole wardrobe first-line brand gold cabinet believes that because furniture products are closely related to the daily life of the people, building materials and furniture enterprises must ensure the quality is qualified. If there is a problem such as excessive formaldehyde in the furniture, it may not only endanger the health of the user, but also cause serious damage to the image and marketing of the enterprise itself. The quality of furniture is frequent, and consumer insecurity is aggravating. In fact, consumers' concerns about the quality of furniture are justified. At the beginning of this year, some furniture brands broke the "formaldehyde door" incident in which the formaldehyde exceeded the standard, causing concern and concern of many consumers. The overall cabinet of the gold cabinet said that the excessive formaldehyde in the furniture has a great impact on the human body, and consumers must pay attention. For example, inhalation of excessive formaldehyde can cause dizziness, nausea, and vomiting; long-term inhalation can lead to a variety of chronic diseases, and may even get cancer. In fact, many building materials and furniture companies are constantly striving to provide users with environmentally friendly and healthy products. It is understood that as the leader of real fashion and healthy furniture in China, the overall furniture of Jincai has adopted the materials of quality quality such as Daya E0 health plate and Hettich hardware, which makes the products have high environmental protection and eliminates Quality problems such as possible excessive formaldehyde release have been recognized by consumers and the market. How to create high-quality products for users to provide users with quality and guaranteed products and services is actually the responsibility of every modern enterprise. As a building materials and furniture enterprise, it is reasonable to produce and sell building materials and furniture with reasonable quality and reasonable price. The well-known enterprises in the building materials and home furnishing industry, such as the overall furniture of the Golden Cabinet, said that it is necessary to take practical actions to build product quality. Improve product quality, strong corporate strength is the foundation. By observing those companies with excellent product quality, they can find that they generally have strong production capabilities. For example, Jinquan's overall furniture products have passed the world's most demanding SGS testing, reaching the European export standard, which has a large garden-style furniture production base, as well as imported high-end processing equipment, industry-leading flexibility. Production systems are closely related. Companies should also use high-quality materials to continuously innovate production processes. The use of new materials and new processes can often greatly improve the quality of the product. The same is true in the building materials industry. It is reported that the reason why the overall furniture of the Golden Cabinet can achieve high quality is closely related to their active use of E0 health plates, high quality hardware, and innovative production processes.

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