Xiamen European-style furniture vying for "foreign vest" has shown China's "blood"

December 07, 2019

The Da Vinci furniture that was removed from the "foreign skin" is causing the sorrow of the rabbits in their peers. Yesterday, the reporter visited the Xiamen home market and found that the “European furniture”, which has always been self-proclaimed with “foreign name”, is now “honest” in propaganda, and they all show that they are actually “bloodliness” in China. At the same time, many local brands hope to take the opportunity to expand their sales share. When I mentioned the "Da Vinci" business, I laughed yesterday. The reporter visited two well-known home hypermarkets on the island and found that there are quite a few foreign names similar to "Da Vinci", many of which have English and Chinese names. However, there is no pure import of these foreign-style furniture, and the origins of the labels are mostly in Dongguan and Shenzhen. When the reporter asked the reporter whether there was pure imported furniture in the store, many people vowed to inform: "Almost no, if it is pure import, the price is not these figures." And the word "Da Vinci" is mentioned, Almost all businesses smiled tacitly. Although these European-style furniture with "foreign names" are now showing that they are actually "bloodliness" in China, some of the "unwilling" businesses are still holding raw materials. In a furniture store labeled “Berlin from Germany”, the salesperson took the initiative to explain: “The slogan only means that the craft is German style, but the materials and production sites are in the country.” In another quite luxurious European furniture Inside the store, the sales staff told the reporter that the materials in the store were from different countries. She touched a sofa chair around her, claiming that the skin was from the UK, and the cotton inside was authentic German. "The place of production is in the country. If it is purely imported, customs declaration is more difficult and the cost is high." The salesperson explained this. "Imported materials, do you believe it?" An insider asked the reporter. According to him, purely imported materials will not exceed 10% at most. And the rhetoric of "imported materials" is obviously much more insured than the promotion of "pure imports." Redwood furniture wants to take the opportunity to grab the market According to industry insiders, European furniture raw materials are generally medium cork or MDF. The former is like ash, black walnut, ash, etc., and the MDF is made of high pressure such as wheat straw, paper scraps and wood chips. "No matter what kind of material, an important criterion for good or bad is whether it is environmental protection, the most important thing is the formaldehyde content." The industry said that if it is pure imported European furniture, the formaldehyde content is indeed guaranteed. However, the domestic formaldehyde standard has a large gap with the standards of Europe and other places. Therefore, many European-made furniture produced in China cannot achieve the true European production standard in terms of formaldehyde content. In the eyes of a mahogany business, the exposure of “Da Vinci” is a big plus for the market of precious wood furniture such as mahogany. The use of precious hardwood furniture is generally natural lacquer, while European-style furniture generally uses chemical lacquer. The latter technology is better, and it will not exceed natural lacquer in environmental protection. "Moreover, expensive hardwood can also maintain value and increase, European furniture does not have this function." The mahogany dealer proudly told the reporter that expensive hardwood is a scarce resource, and European furniture uses ordinary materials, so from In terms of investment, it is also a Chinese-style luxury hardwood.

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