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December 18, 2019

What we call PVC anti-static floor is PVC resin as a main body of a permanent conductive body, but also the essence through the heart, that is, from the bottom to the surface of the pattern material is the same, if the surface of this floor is burned Bad or scratched, you can use a grinding machine to rub off and re-waxing as new. Static electricity in the computer room can cause the computer to run slowly until it fails, causing the computer to operate in error, and can also cause breakdown and destruction of some computer devices. Here we explain the advantages of PVC anti-static flooring against static electricity.

1.pvc anti-static floor advantages

The types of anti-static flooring are many: tile anti-static floor, pvc anti-static floor, steel anti-static floor and so on. Tile anti-static floor is the use of anti-static tiles for the surface layer, surrounded by conductive tape edge processing, with anti-static, environmental protection, high temperature, long life, waterproof, decorative and other fine features, but the anti-static tiles The disadvantages of heavy weight, high cost, and inconvenient installation of the floor are less used in our lives.

2. pvc anti-static floor advantages

Anti-static floor steel anti-static floor, the use of a very wear-resistant hpl fire board and pvc as a surface layer, with a steel shell as the structural substrate, the edge has no edge and edge of the points. Steel anti-static flooring is low in price, easy to construct, and there will be no gap after installation. However, the lifespan of steel anti-static flooring is shorter and the surface is not wear-resistant. Compared with pvc anti-static flooring, it is much smaller.

3.pvc anti-static floor advantages

Anti-static flooring will use adhesives during installation. Adhesives are one of the main components of formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is seen as an invisible killer in our lives and is extremely harmful to our health. This makes us pay special attention to the purchase, if we smell a pungent taste, we must not buy, buy products that have passed the national environmental testing. Pvc anti-static flooring is relatively good environmental performance.


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The blue ocean brings the Mediterranean atmosphere. The spotted texture is dotted with every moment of life. The release is a bright smile. Its maintenance is also very convenient. If the floor surface is dirty with oil, it can be cleaned with detergent and detergent. , If the local surface is scratched and rubbed, sandpaper can be used to sand the water.

4.pvc anti-static floor advantages

Pvc anti-static floor in the installation process we should pay attention to: to maintain the ground of health, do a good job of shielding protection measures, ensure that the ground is flat, the ground fixed line power supply integrity, floor installation should be stable and solid overall, the floor edge should maintain a straight line, The gap between the two anti-static floor boards is not too large. In order to ensure the use of pvc anti-static floor features.

5.pvc anti-static floor advantages

Pvc anti-static floor lighter weight, more convenient to install, the cost of ceramic tile anti-static floor and steel anti-static floor more cheap, in our lives by the majority of consumers love and sought after.

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