A large collection of furniture company brands is extremely impactful

December 19, 2019

The furniture threshold is low, the industry brands are numerous, but the furniture brands that can be remembered by consumers are few and far between. The market share of individual home appliance brands can reach tens of percent, and the market share of individual furniture brands can account for To 1% of the country is very rare, furniture companies are difficult to break through this bottleneck in the development process. The strong impact of this kind of industry and regional brand alliance can give consumers a deep brand impression and thus better occupy the market. In 2009, under the joint efforts of an association and a home shopping mall, the first brand furniture hall was built in Beijing in the name of the association. Backed by the brand, with the care of the association, these furniture brands have received the most favorable policies of the home shopping mall. Its sales operations are directly supervised by the association's services, and the market operation is carried out in full accordance with the strict service system of the association. Once a service dispute occurs, it can be handled according to the mature quality assurance system of the home shopping mall, or through the supervision of the association. It has better protected the rights and interests of consumers and won the favor of customers. As a unified brand of the association, the furniture brand, products and the history and connotation behind it can be fully embodied; and the home store can also further enhance the overall grade of the mall by means of the collective presence of these high-quality furniture brands. After a great success in the Beijing market, the brand alliance successfully captured cities such as Shanghai and Chengdu, and the brand image was deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

According to statistics, one-third of the value curve created by today's enterprises originates from within the enterprise, and 2/3 originates from the enterprise. The rapid development of science and technology and the increasing complexity of products have made it impossible for enterprises to control all products and technologies alone, no matter how powerful they are. However, the potential of excavation in the traditional value chain has become less and less. The benefits brought by the alliance approach are as follows: collectively handling crisis public relations, strengthening corporate brand building; broadening the market by means of alliances, and reducing terminal development costs. It can consolidate the foundation of large-scale stores, which can save costs and publicity expenses; the alliance can also form a strong market effect, directly stimulate consumption and promote sales increase; the alliance can expand the comprehensive competitive advantage of enterprises, and enhance the negotiation ability in the upstream and downstream, thereby strengthening The bargaining power of each company makes people see a collective win-win situation in which a store, an organizer, a company and many other parties have both fame and fortune. Therefore, the new business model must use the alliance as a carrier to develop the alliance economy. Through cooperation, we will aggregate core capabilities in each other's value chain, create greater value and form stronger group competitiveness.

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