Hanbang flooring brings high quality living space experience

December 19, 2019

Hanbang Flooring is a core floor brand created by Hunan Province Huarun Huagang Building Decoration Materials Co., Ltd. It is one of the large-scale wood floor manufacturers integrating R&D, production, sales and service. Its business scope covers laminate flooring. , multi-layer solid wood flooring, ecological flooring, solid wood flooring, and flooring accessories. Home improvement season is a good time to buy flooring. In the past 14 years, Hanbang Floor 365 has been providing worry-free service and professional contract installation teams, which has won the praise of consumers. Since its brand entered Chongqing in 1998, it has built a happy home for millions of households. If you are interested in Hanbang flooring , you may wish to come and learn about it! It will help you to buy it!

About Hanbang

Hunan Huagang Building Decoration Materials Co., Ltd. is one of the large-scale wood floor manufacturers integrating R&D, production, sales and service. Huagang is committed to providing consumers with a "good floor" and is committed to formulating China's "good floor" industry standards and guiding the healthy development of the industry. For more than a decade, we have made great strides and made great efforts to make our country only for the sake of prosperity.

The company was established in December 1999 with a total investment of nearly 100 million yuan and covers an area of ​​36,000 square meters. The company possesses advanced imported automatic production lines in the world and possesses strong product research and development capabilities. The annual production capacity is over 12 million square meters.

The company takes “Unity and Truth-Seeking, Self-Reliance, Excellent Quality, and Hing Yi Zhen Guo” as its objective, and aims to “create domestic first-class flooring companies, build domestic first-class flooring brands, and produce domestic first-class flooring products” through high-quality products. , high-quality services, to bring consumers high-quality living space experience; the company in the country to develop direct sales stores and franchise stores, advanced marketing system, scientific management model, the development of enterprises, Xingye Zhen country.


Hanbang floor joining conditions:

★ The primary condition of Hanbang floor

1 It has a corporate operation management model and practical experience.

2 The Hanban floor brand is the only company that distributes products in the industry and cannot operate other brands of wood floors at the same time.

3 At least one small-scale taxpayer company or general taxpayer company in its distribution area.

4 Has a brand management philosophy and operating methods.

★ The basic conditions of Hanbang floor

1 It has regional market promotion experience in the industry, has experience in brand channel marketing, and has a relatively sound organizational structure. It is best to have experience in brand operation of similar products.

2 We agree with Hanbang floor marketing model and can effectively implement it.

3 Good corporate reputation and personal reputation.

★ Hanbang floor necessary conditions

1 Establish a sound corporate structure, with at least 10-30 marketers specifically promoting the Hanbang brand.

2 There is sufficient financial strength and belief to ensure the completion of the basic sales target established by Hanbang Marketing (Management) Center.

3 Have a basically mature distribution network.

4 It is obligatory to cooperate with Hanbang Floor Marketing (Management) Center to implement the goals of the strategic plan.


Hanbang flooring in Chongqing

Hanbang flooring has entered the Chongqing city for 10 years. It is loved by Chongqing consumers for its excellent quality, novelty and trend, classic variety, high cost performance, and 360° worry-free gold medal service. It has many old and new customers. , The main city of the major building materials market has its brand stores, districts and counties distribution network as high as 90%, perennial in the newspapers, television, street signs and other media to publish "Hanbang floor" brand advertising, decorated with a five-star Brady Garden Resorts, Oil Workers Club, Dadukou District Court Office, Yongchuan People's Bank Office Building, Quanxing Venice Impression Villa Model Room and Clubhouse, Yubei District Government Office Building, Wanzhou Immigration Bureau Office Building, and many other image projects. "Hanbang Floor" was also honored as the Majiayan Integrity Unit, the top ten business households in Linjiang Decoration City, the excellent merchants built by Maarten, and the wood floor brands most favored by consumers in Chongqing City. They are now participating in the "Consumer and Service" model brand in 2010. Selection.

Hanban reinforced flooring is also a unique competitive advantage. Hanbang strengthens the use of pine core substrates for laminate flooring. Due to the oiliness of pine wood, only a small amount of glue is added during the production of laminate flooring to ensure that the formaldehyde emission can be reduced to a very low level. Care for the health of the family so that consumers can use it with confidence.

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