Constellation buys a guide to teach you to choose the cabinet that suits you best.

December 20, 2019

Cabinets are becoming more and more important in the 21st century. Everyone wants to have a cabinet they like, but in fact people of different constellations have different cabinets in their hearts. Today, according to the personality characteristics of different constellations, Xiao Bian has developed a set of cabinet selection schemes. If you are not able to find your favorite cabinets, you may wish to come in and visit.

Intuitionist: Aries (3.21~4.20)

Aries is the best choice for the constellation. If you ask them what kind of kitchen they want, they will say that it is OK to cook. If they are given a high-grade solid wood kitchen, they will be the first to worry about how to clean.

This kind of constellation is really very good to support, just give them a simple, easy to clean kitchen.

Jinzhi cabinet lecture hall Macchiato series

Luxury representative: Taurus (4.20~5.20)

Hard work and love for money are the biggest hobbies of Taurus. Their biggest dream is to count the money in a palace-like house. When they buy a luxury kitchen like Beverly Hills, don't be surprised, don't blame them, because they will tell you with confidence that this is his deliberation.

Jinzhi Cabinet Beverly Hills Series

Two-faced representative: Gemini (5.21~6.21)

The heart of Gemini is like two opposing people fighting, they will have a dual character in their thoughts and actions. Such a constellation, a mix-and-match cabinet is the best for them, and all kinds of strange mixes are a kind of "beautiful" art.

Jinzhi cabinets Neuschwanstein series

Love to eat representatives: Cancer (6.22~7.22)

Cancer has a warm heart and a huge stomach. A kitchen that is big enough is a high-grade, tasteful kitchen. If you can have more storage and storage cabinets, it is better because collecting food is their biggest hobby. .

Jinzhi cabinet Danish fairy tale series

Pay attention to representatives: Leo (7.23~8.22)

As the lion of the forest, they have an innate king style, and a forest-like solid wood cabinet is the best for them.

Jinzhi cabinet country blue sea series

Representative of Jie Jie School: Virgo (8.23~9.22)

When it comes to Virgo, everyone’s first reaction is to love cleanliness and cleanliness to the point of horrible. A white and pure alpine cabinet is the best for them, 360° no dead angle, absolutely meet their requirements.

Jinzhi cabinets Alps series

Elegant representative: Libra (9.23~10.23)

Libra has an innate elegance, they have excellent artistic appreciation, and the greatest wish is to live like an artist. An exotic style cabinet is the perfect place to satisfy their lifestyle.

Jinzhi cabinet Versailles garden series

Technology representative: Scorpio (10.24~11.22)

Scorpio has a clever brain and has a strong desire to control and love all the high-tech products. Cabinets can be chosen casually, but home appliances must be able to meet their high-tech requirements.

Jinzhi cabinet high configuration cabinet

Play representative: Sagittarius (11.23~12.21)

Sagittarius is a constellation that has been playing for a lifetime. The kitchen is just a display for them. If you want to capture their gaze, Xiao Bian thinks that a 24.5° cabinet filled with agility and design is the best for them.

Jinzhi cabinet 24.5° series

Traditional representative: Capricorn (12.22~1.19)

The rigorous tradition is the life code of Capricorn, and all the new trends are not worth mentioning in their eyes. A solid wood cabinet with a good standard is their favorite.

Jinzhi cabinets St. Petersburg series

Fresh representative: Aquarius (1.20~2.18)

Aquarius doesn't like restraint. The more individualized and modernized, the more attractive it is. A gorgeous waltz cabinet is the best for them.

Jinzhi cabinet waltz series

Fantasy representative: Pisces (2.19~3.20)

Every Pisces has a prince and princess dream, they dream of living in the castle. Rococo-style Roman holiday cabinets will let them relax after a busy day.

Jinzhi cabinet Roman holiday series

If you are interested in the cabinets in the picture, you may wish to continue to pay attention to the small series of reports, the following small series will introduce the price, series, materials and manufacturers of Jinzhi cabinets .

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