Meifeng Investment Prospects 2015 IT Industry Development is optimistic about companies from China

December 20, 2019

At the beginning of the new year, Fred Wilson, a well-known US venture capitalist who had invested in Twitter and other companies, predicted the development trend of the IT industry in 2015 and was very optimistic about the companies from China.

Wilson stressed that his own vision may be biased by some people. But as an investor, these are things that he is interested in investing in or investing in but will not touch in the future.

Wilson believes that Uber is a car, Airbnb global homestay, Dropbox cloud storage... these companies that have been established in the past five years are expected to be listed in 2015. Fundraising is expected to set off a new round of mergers and acquisitions in Silicon Valley, and of course a new generation of young billionaires starting from scratch.

At the end of 2014, Xiaomi announced the completion of $1.1 billion in financing. Wilson believes that Lei Jun may spend this money in the United States, become a new player in the US Android market, and even hope to become the third largest mobile platform in the Western mobile market.

The breakthrough point for Asian companies to penetrate the US market comes from the field of instant messaging. Communication software represented by WeChat and Line will continue to erode the power of WhatsApp in the US market.

Wilson predicts that virtual reality products may not be sold in 2015, and related products are expected to be hard to impress; wearable devices will still waste a lot of time, money and resources in 2015, but there is no real substance. Sexual outcomes.

Wilson said that in 2015, cloud computing and mobile technology around the company's major customers will continue to shine, and people's office processes and office experience will change.

Wilson pointed out that in terms of the public Internet, there is no completely "unbreakable" system in theory. Hackers will continue to operate in the new year, and the budget for enterprises on network security will increase greatly. Venture capitalists are in related fields. The investment will also increase.

Wilson believes that the global capital market in 2015 is still under tremendous pressure, and investors will focus on safety cards. Security in the past was defined as gold, US bonds and blue chips. Now, security is Google, Apple, Amazon and Facebook.

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