The furniture industry was developing at the time

December 21, 2019

In 2012, the series of expressions such as tension, gloom, depression, helplessness and so on have been imprinted on the face of furniture people, and it will be unavoidable. In the face of the current situation of the furniture industry, which is not prosperous in the peak season and promoted and not sold, everyone has already known it. Someone asked, Where is the furniture industry in the future? When will the furniture industry in the spring coming? Some people say that in 2015, small home network that "the furniture industry is the time."

First, the market consumption is more rational

The market segment of the furniture industry has gone from being in short supply to increasing competition. The sales outlets of various furniture brands have been increasing year by year, the promotion efforts have been increasing, the advertising is aimed at the public, and the furniture brand information frequently appears in the consumer's field of vision. The resulting consumer behavior is becoming more cautious and more rational. It is an indisputable fact. The rationality of market consumption will make it more and more difficult for the products of the fish to be mixed, and lay a virtuous development market environment for enterprises that truly make products and mold well.

Second, the property market policy is getting more and more stable

The development of the property market is closely related to the development of the downstream furniture industry. The development of the property market in China has returned from a blind expansion period to a benign regulation period. No matter how the 18th National Congress is held, how to regulate and control the people's livelihood will be the core of the Chinese society's attention to development. Due to the continuous high prices in the property market in recent years, the state has introduced relevant regulatory policies to ensure the stability of the property market. The regulation of the national property market will become more rational, the first-line market will decline, the second-tier market will develop steadily, and the continued rise of the third- and fourth-tier markets will be an irreversible situation for China's development. The opportunity to continue to develop the furniture industry is self-evident.

Third, the industry competition for the survival of the fittest

The domestic furniture industry has developed for more than 20 years. According to industry statistics, there are nearly 50,000 companies in the furniture industry, and the number of brands has reached 100,000. However, there are only a hundred brands recognized in the industry, and consumer awareness is minimal. A lot of companies do not pay attention to branding operations, let alone system brand management. In the dark stage before dawn, most companies adopt the strategy of low price and market protection. In the face of the situation of a large number of markets, the long-term adoption of the “guarantee market” strategy will lose the profitability of the enterprise. Exit the rivers and lakes. Of course, some companies have left because they cannot predict the future. This will be a good time for the continued struggle for furniture companies, "the war without the war."

Of course, there are many factors that promote the upgrading and development of the industry. I will not list them one by one, but those who can find opportunities in distress must be smart entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs should come up with the pattern and temperament of entrepreneurs, judge the situation, rational analysis, rational layout, and fully open the enterprise navigation. Dawn may reach you at the destination. Are you ready? Let's go together!

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