Teak furniture model Jiangsu Yuzui Enterprise

December 28, 2019

Yuzui Furniture is a global strategic alliance partner of home chain giants such as Red Star Macalline and Real Home. After the introduction of the "Pomelo Zun" post-Chinese culture series, "Upper East International" Confucian Ming style series, teak overall home service model, and create a first-class service brand in the furniture industry, "wooden housekeeper" to the heart of the service brand, always customer first The purpose of the service, true dedication, rain or shine.

The company's mission is to use the "China Teak Furniture First Brand" as its corporate vision, to "create greater wealth for customers, to create a bigger platform for employees, and to strive for greater contributions to society." The grapefruit people continue to strive for never satisfied, and lead the green, comfortable and healthy home concept with the highest quality products.

Use the most exquisite wood segments and Zen lines. Adhere to the perfection of this one. Pomegranate furniture in the dry maintenance of each teak from the factory to break, chisel, carving, repair, scraping, grinding, paint More than one hundred to the process, all meticulous, layer by layer. According to reports, wood drying is the first step in the manufacture of furniture, and it is also a key process that is difficult for general enterprises to control, because it determines whether the product is bent or deformed during long-term use. All the wood of the Pomegranate furniture is processed by the imported high-frequency kiln drying equipment, which effectively controls the moisture content of the wood in the range of 8%-12%, thus ensuring the stability of the use of the wood. In addition, the production of wood after 25 to 30 days of kiln holographic, fully automatic and repeated forced treatment, but also under natural conditions for 15 to 20 days, in order to put into processing, so that the wood used to achieve a stable state.

The pomelo furniture adopts a fully enclosed lacquering process. Firstly, it is dry-grinded once, once in the middle mill, three times in the primer, three times in the oil mill, then three times in the color, three times in the topcoat. After these processes, the surface texture of the wood is incomparably clear. , without any attachments, showing a transparent, bright style.

The service concept of Yuzui Furniture is: to be a lover of customers, to do service with love, to use light and open, and to have furniture in the right way. Every piece of furniture that insists on achievement is a healthy piece of furniture for the maintenance of the ring.

The general color of gold, the design of the corner makes the space expand a lot, the antique atmosphere spreads in your study, let you sit in the atmosphere of the Tang and Song dynasties to study poetry, let you stop in the romance of the Southern Tang Dynasty. In the sorrow, the war in the Song Dynasty was compiled. A brilliant study opens the window of your history.


Choose good healthy teak furniture and choose Jiangsu Pomelo Furniture.

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