The first set of robot intelligent sensing processing system was successfully developed

December 29, 2019

Recently, the first domestic ARSMA robot with intelligent sensing processing system was used to automate the marine propeller blades of Dalian Marine Propulsion Co., Ltd. in Shenyang Yuanda Science and Technology Park. This cutting-edge technology in the world has filled the gaps in the processing of large-scale and complex curved surfaces and the processing of difficult-to-machine materials in China, thereby improving the accuracy of “Made in China”.

According to reports, with this equipment, not only can improve the original grinding process dust, oil pollution, explosive work environment, but also for China's advanced shipbuilding, especially the production of cutting-edge military products to contribute.

It is reported that the ARSMA robot processing system has a high-precision force control system and a visual guidance system, so that the robot has both "tactile" and "visual" at the same time, that is, it adds "hands" and "eyes" to the robot, so that it can be To a large extent artificial work methods to achieve some complex processing technology.

In addition, the system also has offline programming system and high-frequency vibration auxiliary processing system, making it more suitable for large-scale complex surface and difficult processing of materials, robot processing, will be widely used in aerospace, marine ships, rail transportation and other fields. (Wei Ting)

Steel Pole

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Steel Pole

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