Le Kang home re-set Shenzhen home new map

December 30, 2019

In the face of Longhua's huge home demand, the industry has been looking forward to it. Who can lead the industry to the north and set a new pattern for a home ?

Home guide to the north - Shenzhen's largest single home Mall

In 2013, Lekang Home, which was planned by Baoneng Holdings, was launched, and the sword was the “first throne” of Shenzhen Home Store. As the first large-scale home shopping mall in Shenzhen in the past three years, it is also the largest single-home MALL in Shenzhen so far. After a year of dedication, Lekang has made a grand appearance and launched a formal investment invitation to open a Shenzhen home. The grand prologue of the north!

New self-owned property, innovative industry operating standards

Lekang Home breaks Chen's 1-day pattern of transitional properties such as warehouses, factories and temporary buildings attached to the Shenzhen home furnishing industry on the 1st. Based on the new self-owned properties, it costs more than 1 billion to present the Shenzhen boutique home store 4 Up to 5 times the unit cost, build a large-scale home city complex; invest 30 million huge amounts of money every year to build a 360-degree marketing system to achieve leapfrog development of the industry operating model.


Four vertical and three horizontal, responsible for the life of the four cities

Lekang Home is the core location of Longhua, occupying the four main roads of Meiguan Expressway, Guanlan Avenue, Meilong Avenue and Wuhe Avenue. It is adjacent to the three main trunks of Jihe Expressway, Bulong Road and Nanping Express. The half-hour drive perfectly covers the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Wanhui Four-city shopping district.

Who is fighting with the wind?

Lekang Home is positioned as the China Metropolitan Home Life Shopping Center, with a space of 120,000 square meters. With the internationally popular business model, it has created the three main halls of home, building materials and mahogany with experience as the core. Natural and casual home shopping environment. It is supplemented by 100,000 square meters of central gardens, 150,000 square meters of colorful commercial and other comprehensive supporting facilities and the Group's huge resources. Lekang homes take the wind and start the filth, reshaping the new layout of Shenzhen homes with the attitude of “Who is fighting for the front”.

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