Nordic design school furniture designer's broad design field

December 30, 2019

The overall system relationship between furniture design and architectural interior design The overall system relationship between furniture design and architectural interior design is also one of the important factors in the Nordic design furniture school. In Northern Europe, the meaning of interior designers is first of all furniture designers. This is because furniture is for people's lives and work. It must be in line with people's scales, concepts and psychology. The scale system and concept of interior design are derived from furniture. Design, excellent architects and interior designers have their own creative furniture products, and thus inject their own design ideas into the relevant space, thus affecting the occupants and users. For example, Jacobsson's classic furniture design has three chairs, “Swan Chair”, “Ant Chair” and “Egg Shell Chair” are the corresponding system interior design and furniture product design.

Nordic design school Broad design field for furniture designers

For interior designers, furniture is the core of interior design, the static protagonist of space, and its importance is no less than the space itself. On the one hand, modern furniture itself has long been an industrial product, and can also be called independent art design works; on the other hand, the design of furniture leads to the meaning of interior design, and at the same time is inseparable from architectural design. As we all know, modern architecture and modern furniture develop completely simultaneously, and furniture exerts various influences on people because of its closeness to people, affects people's mood, affects the working state, and also transmits information of social change. A good set of office furniture can improve work efficiency and maintain the health of the user. From this point of view, it is easy to understand that Nordic can become the most affluent and ideal society in the world is directly related to the mature development of modern furniture. A more important example here is information from the Department of Interior and Furniture Design at the Helsinki University of Art and Design, as Professor Verwijinen, the current head of the department, said: “In this department, interior design teaching has never been separated from furniture design, in other words. Finnish furniture design is not included in the Department of Industrial Design or Product Design."

The role of professional designers and university design teachers. The formation of the Nordic design school is inseparable from the development of higher design education. Especially worthy of our attention is the source and composition of the Nordic Design University faculty - that is, professional designers and university design teachers. Role conversion, almost all of the university design teachers are graduates from the design office or the factory as a designer after several years of work, have rich design experience and a large number of design results, and then return to the university to teach, at the same time Many university professors are still closely integrated with the company's product design and development, using real design cases and factory-style education to train educational design cattle, forming a high-level design education system with Nordic characteristics.

For example, after graduating from college at the end of 1937, Kucapolo’s teacher, Tappelal, entered the design supervision of Asko, Finland’s largest furniture company. During this time, he completed a number of creative furniture designs. . Tagevaara was later hired as a professor at the Helsinki University of Art and Design, and his teaching career lasted for half a century in various ways. Teaching is part of his thinking, and his approach is appreciation, inspiration and participation. His most famous student, Professor Kuka Polo, who later became president of the Helsinki University of Art and Design, pointed out that these three points are extremely important to students. They enable students to truly recognize the true content of design: excellent basic skills, adequate design Experience and understanding of materials and construction.

YIj-Wiherheimo is one of the most influential new generation designers in Finland. Over the years, he has had a great influence on the design community in Northern Europe and around the world, both as a designer and a professor. In 1980, he participated in the creation of VIVERO Furniture Company and served as design director. He has worked as a professor of furniture design at the Norwegian School of Design for many years. Many of the young and talented designers in Northern Europe are his students, and he also teaches design courses at higher design institutes such as the Helsinki University of Art and Design. Weller Haimen took exactly the same way as his teacher, Cukapoulo, in which the design firm cooperated with a furniture company to develop the market.

Dr. Fang Hai from Helsinki University of Art and Design summarized the experience of Nordic furniture design education. First, students are required to familiarize themselves with the design history so that students can understand the creations of their predecessors and determine their possible efforts. The second point is to train students in furniture. The operational ability in design and manufacturing, the workshop practice link accounts for a considerable proportion in the course; the third point is the direct guidance of the master, and the design tradition is passed down. Helsinki University of Art and Design is a design school with a history of more than 100 years. For many years, it has worked very closely with manufacturing companies. In Northern Europe, the success of furniture companies relies heavily on good design, and furniture design drives the development of the furniture industry. Now, every month, even every week, students design exhibitions in public. The representatives of the companies that are visiting have a fancy to the student design, that is, they will contact the students and bring the design directly to the market.

Designer's broad design field

Nordic designers, like Italian designers, are versatile, based on architecture, able to display their talents in a broad design field, and truly create a healthy lifestyle for modern human beings. For example, Finland's Antti Nurmesniemi is a versatile designer with creative design in an incredible wide range of fields such as architecture, interiors, furniture, displays, products, planes and photography. It can be said that he represents the design art of Finland. At the same time, Nomi Nano is an excellent writer, president, chairman, and a finished product or honorary member of many professional research institutions.

Like many European designers, Nordic architects and designers have a strong tradition of lighting design. From old Salinen, Alva Aalto, Paul Hanningsen to the younger generation of Nordic designers represented by Stefan Lindfors, they all have a soft spot for lighting design and create Out of their unique lighting design.

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