Bedroom furniture that is easily overlooked

December 31, 2019

In the bedroom furniture roll, we focused on the bed in the bedroom and its related furniture . In this chapter, let's take a look at the other furniture in the house's only absolute private space (bedroom). In addition to the large bed, there are other functionally dominant furniture in the bedroom: such as a dressing table , a book stand, a closet, and even a coat rack room in a connected bedroom.


Going out with the bedroom bed as the core, we can first explore the dressing table and book stand at the bedside. Within the scope of my knowledge, the dressing table and workbench in the bedroom are actually the same type of furniture: they are designed for the owner of an individual bedroom and have the most private (working) space. People in the bedroom, in addition to lying, do some of the most private and self-directed things. And what kind of work they have to do is different from person to person. In the past, we can use gender, age and life background to distinguish them/their work. But in modern times, technology has obscured all tangible objects and worlds. Even the most subjective core of humanity has evolved into a realm that makes itself unclear. Before going to sleep, some girls first visited different online worlds, while the boys next to them might be busy sitting in front of the dressing table to care for the skin. These two groups have been marked as the bedroom furniture occupied by the male and female hostes. Now, we have to re-analyze the requirements of their physical design in the bedroom and their users. .

The first point is the user's posture: working in the bedroom, whether reading, makeup or other, should be sitting or lying, it is impossible to stand. The traditional square stool is definitely a mismatch. A size is just right. There are not too many modified work chairs, plus a soft cushion and a close-fitting pillow are the most suitable combination of work chairs in the bedroom. The work furniture (chairs) in the bedroom should not be beautiful for anyone. As long as the body of the user (the owner of the bedroom) can be relied on with absolute comfort, then it is enough to free up hands or work.

The second point is the functional relationship between the work surface or storage space and different users. As mentioned above, in modern bedrooms, different owners have different privacy (work). Because the scope of work is too wide, outsiders (designers) simply cannot fully understand. Therefore, the first condition for designing the workbench (including the dressing table) of the bedroom is that there is no fixed rule, a simple, moderately sized and stable plate, so that the forearms of people who want to perform different work on it do not need to move by the body. When you move, you can take the items you need or get the job you need.

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