Simple European style furniture

December 31, 2019

Let us first analyze the great advantages of this group of new design series from Jane European style through some detailed research: Jane is a simplified design style of the ancient European form. This preserves the post-modern classic style of the original European style. The design details can still be worn with gold and silver, but the lines are as simple as possible, and the classical charm is activated through modern materials and production methods. The first element is the emergence of a fern Guou Luo cocoa wind vine, long before the desk, climbing back to bed, old style is definitely pregnant, a lot of production is also consistent with the principles and application of large modern production lines. But the free grass is trapped by the ruthless (small oval) frame around it, and it can't climb the sky. Then there is the application of the lively and varied coastline. It walks on the door of the closet and runs on the four sides of the desk. It is quite interesting.


Look at the application of some individual furniture pieces: there are two circular chairs like harp, the basic structure is a bit like the Chinese rose ring chair, the ergonomic application is not much problem, sit down, there will be Very comfortable feeling. There is also a white chair back like a string, briskly playing with the moving rhyme. Looking down, there are two heavy blue cushions. Although it is like the sea, it is too deep. If you can make a certain improvement in the proportion of the details of the appearance, you can definitely improve the overall charm. or

Can be refreshed full of ancient zither taste, the proportion relax, Aegean phonology, it can spread throughout the sea! There is also a set of tables, chairs combination, the overall design should be inspired by ancient Greece. The overall proportion of the dining table is like a small temple. The simple countertops are like the canopy of the main hall. The base below is the plaque, and the straight walk is the pillar. There are micro-curved lines on the horizontal sill, which are both simple and practical. On the upright column, the shallow lines are quite close to the ancient style. On the back of the chair is a cross-folding pattern, which is absolutely reminiscent of the ancient Greek chair and stool. Then there are two square curved legs that release the elegant curves of the embossed chair of the ancient Greek Hagiasha Klismos tombstone and strengthen it. For thousands of years of ancient culture, we can refer to it, learn from it, reapply it, and even use the latest techniques to interpret it (we call it postmodern style).

Dr. Panch Suntharalingam, Director of the Master of Design in the School of Visual and 3D Design at the City University of Birmingham, UK, has the following comments on the furniture of the group: “Some of the bedroom and living room furniture in the exhibition hall, including the living elements element solid wood furniture in the exhibition hall, Reminiscent of the look and feel of the distorted European colonial furniture found at the Milan Furniture Fair. Only the deeper solid wood furniture collection feels more pleasing and has a traditional interpretation that is quite appropriate.

Spend a little thought on matching details and colors, such as trying to use some traditional luxury colors, such as dark green and lavender, which will make the furniture more attractive, ideal for the younger generation of consumers living in small houses. . "I also have similar opinions.

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