Home Security Technology Deployment Guide

January 30, 2020

As the country increases its efforts to build “safe cities” and “safe campuses,” civilian monitoring is rapidly infiltrating more and more fields, whether it is smart cities, smart transportation projects or small schools that have risen to the national level. There is a growing demand for civilian security in areas such as households and individuals.

Home Security Analysis Focus

Focus 1: Home Security HD For a long time, whether home security needs high-definition debate has become the focus of many people. For the surveillance camera that has just entered the family, it seems that the need to directly climb high-definition really makes people look dazzling. After all, at the beginning of the concept that a small number of people began to recognize civilian monitoring, the cost of monitoring systems and the higher cost of high-definition monitoring actually cost more users. When it comes to setting up a surveillance camera, it is obviously unacceptable to see high-definition consumption. Moreover, let's not mention anything more.

However, as the home HD has gradually opened up its own field, these traditional concepts are also undergoing quiet changes.

Today, dedicated home security equipment has become more mature. In terms of functionality, many devices that incorporate the characteristics of a home environment no longer have monitoring as their only job. As a result, alarms and detection have become the subject of home security equipment. Of course, the non-uniqueness of monitoring applications does not represent the lack of monitoring requirements. Instead, such monitoring-based alarm needs will more firmly monitor the positioning of a basic demand. Therefore, high-definition work ability naturally becomes the basis for accurate warning.

In addition, as the function of home monitoring equipment is becoming more and more abundant, from the fact that the case is detected to daily communication and communication, home monitoring has become an increasingly indispensable carrier. Thus, the role of home monitoring has been not only limited to the need to "see the behavior of criminals", but high-definition is also destined to become inevitable.

Focus 2: Mobile Internet becomes a new demand In the past two years, the competition in the mobile phone industry can be said to bring our mobile communication technology to a new height. Since the era of Nokia's dying, it seems that no mobile brand has been able to return to the pinnacle of Nokia's dynasty. This also reflects the fierce competition in the current mobile terminal market.

Ever since, from smart homes to burglar alarms, or video surveillance, if it does not echo the mobile terminal, it seems that it seems to keep up with the trend.

In fact, for the anti-theft devices in the home, mobilization has also become a spotlight that attracts people's attention. From the original sim-vehicle location we mentioned, to the alarm of some home alarm devices. Too many functions have been tied to the mobile phone, which also reflects the trend of today's dual-use home security from a simple defense and Imperial gradually to active anti-theft. In the evolution of this trend, mobile phones have become a very important part.

Of course, although the current mobile terminal alarm function, the popularity is not too low. However, there are always a variety of flaws in use. Various kinds of gimmick charges, various unstable factors also test the patience of the user. In the author's opinion, the connectivity of mobile phones has long been the mainstream trend of home security. But for these charges, though, today it will make us feel awkward. However, with the deepening of home security and the development of functions, the cost of this type of work may end sooner or later.

Concern 3: Concealment into Household Key points In addition to performance, the appearance of the device is also increasingly valued by more users. With the advent of home-specific security equipment, everyone has put forward more requirements for the appearance of home security, and the degree of integration of the family environment has become a value to many users.

In fact, when it comes to the degree of integration of the family environment, the author thinks that it mainly includes the following two points: the concealment of equipment and the coordination of the surrounding environment.

With the advancement of specialization, the appearance of security equipment is also growing. How to hide yourself "deeper" is also related to the actual performance of the equipment work. This is also an important issue for how to find a better shelter shape for a growing number of devices in a limited family environment. Only by solving the hidden problems can the effects of the equipment be brought to a greater level.

In addition, it is an environment-friendly design. Today, the love nest after everyone's renovation has been more inclined to coordinate the placement of all family facilities. For home-based anti-theft surveillance equipment such a device that has to "see" and "hidden", it really is not a small knowledge. In the author's opinion, the diversification of home monitoring equipment forms and controls, and the compactness of the structure and shape will become the main focus in the future. Of course, with the pursuit of personalization and diversification of the family structure, the future of customized equipment may also become the main concept of family applications.

Concern four: Practicality is also valued in the process of our previous evaluation, and sometimes this situation occurs: After repeated trials of the evaluation device. Some devices may appear to be in a situation of “do not give power” because of frequent use. Although in many cases this can only be described in terms of individual cases, it also partly reflects the lack of process and quality of home appliances.

For a long time, the marginalization of civilian equipment has also made the relevant technology level lack of certain norms and constraints. Moreover, in the absence of sound standards in the entire field, our demands for the civil sector are even more difficult. However, with the increasingly widespread use of the civilian market, issues such as process and quality have also attracted more attention from users. Therefore, the quality of these devices is increasingly placed in a more important position.

As a new field of security, the civilian field has a very broad space. Of course, it is also experiencing a transition from primary to mature. Therefore, both manufacturers and users need to face this change more actively to face and adapt. For the above problems, it is precisely the new problems that we need to pay attention to during the transition period. When we gradually solve these problems, we will usher in a more complete home era.

Home security technology to deploy and use a <br> <br>, home security technology to our current security methods mostly rely on air defense and anti-matter (such as security doors, iron fence, etc.), if able to do so using technical means to prevent the Will receive a multiplier effect.

Install an infrared burglar alarm device. When this alarm device is in working condition, it can emit infrared light that is invisible to the naked eye. As soon as a person enters the light control range, the device will immediately issue an alarm sound. If a thief enters, the resident can immediately discover it, and the thief does not know it himself. They often go to bed. Install the electromagnetic code door lock. To install such a lock, you must first press the password when you unlock it from the outside, otherwise you cannot unlock it; if you open it, the alarm device will sound an alarm sound. This will alarm people or neighbors in the room. On the one hand, they can scare away the thieves, and on the other hand, they can also seize the thieves.

Actively cooperate with and actively participate in the urban community alarm network system. After the user installs this alarm device, in case of a dangerous situation (such as burglary), the alarm will automatically issue an alarm through the pre-set defense zone. The police station of the police station will immediately display the exact address of the user, and the police can quickly send the police to arrive. The crime scene was captured and the criminals were captured.

Second, the deployment of home video surveillance system Assuming you want to spend less than 10,000 price, the deployment of a less than 4 cameras and no high technology content home video surveillance system, the following is a detailed proposal:

1. Using IP Cameras Nowadays, ordinary IP cameras are priced from a few hundred to several thousand. However, the price of analog cameras is relatively small, and the total cost and complexity of use of IP cameras are much lower than those of analog cameras. For IP cameras, video recording and playback software is provided free of charge. You can use your personal computer for 24-hour monitoring. The network cable or WIFI required for the IP camera to transmit digital video signals can be purchased from any computer equipment supplier. In contrast, analog cameras usually require you to customize transmission lines.

2. Use a bolt machine and a square camera.

Currently, the lowest cost on the market is the two surveillance cameras. The disadvantage of this type of camera is that it cannot change the focal length. The view is limited, and there is usually no intelligent function. This type of camera is not usually used in professional applications, but it is undoubtedly the most appropriate for home use.

3. Using Digital Cameras to Provide Remote Access Management It is strongly recommended that home users try to avoid deploying remote monitoring systems. In short, it is time consuming and it is very difficult for this system to operate normally. The probability of system problems is very high. This kind of monitoring system is still under development and the technology is not yet mature. It is not recommended for home users to consider using it.

Through these statements, I hope that you can provide useful suggestions for purchasing low-cost, high-efficiency home monitoring equipment. These recommendations are based on small-scale home applications and focus on factors such as deployment monitoring and operational recommendations. Of course, such a system cannot be used for a place like a bank, and it cannot be used for a larger enterprise-level environment. However, for a home user, it is a system with proper budget and easy operation, so that you can easily implement home monitoring. .

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