LiFi is more advanced than WiFi

February 15, 2020

LiFi is more advanced than WiFi

In recent years, portable mobile devices such as smart phones and tablet computers have gradually entered our lives, and WiFi wireless networks have also become important because your traffic cannot maintain long video playback, web browsing, but WiFi signals Strong, weak, but it has become a thorn in people's hearts.

When it comes to the strength of WiFi signals, we also need to talk about the connection between mobile devices and routers. We all know that we were able to connect to the WiFi network for network access because the router used radio waves to transmit data to mobile devices.

Inevitably, in some areas where there are many barriers, such as in a room with a few walls and in the basement, the router cannot perform unimpeded data transmission work. Therefore, the WiFi signal is very weak. Xiao Bian is connected to the living room in the bedroom today. WiFi has only one signal.

It can be seen from the above that it is very necessary to install a wireless signal booster in a very poor signal reception area. However, we may have hope in the future to use light bulbs to enhance the WiFi signal. Recently, according to the report of foreign media Digital Trends, a research team from the University of Virginia developed the technology of accessing the Internet through a light bulb, and take a look.

It is understood that this technology through the bulb is a research project led by Maite Brandt-Pearce, professor of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Virginia. The research team mainly uses LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes). ) The light waves emitted speed up the sending of wireless signals and achieve faster speeds than current Internet connections.

In an interview with the World Technology Research News and Information Network, Professor Matt Brandt-Pierce said: "With this technology, we can accomplish more data transmission without using any additional energy or equipment. At present, LED bulbs Applications in the lighting field are becoming more and more common. This trend allows users to access the same wireless network through different access points in the future."

It should be noted that this technology does not mean that we can abandon the router. The light bulb just realizes the enhancement of the WiFi signal. The signal still needs the router to transmit. In addition, Professor Matt Brandt-Pills also told us that because light waves cannot penetrate the opaque surface, there may be signal interruptions when non-transparent spacers are present between mobile devices and light bulbs. Happening.

It is reported that the researchers gave this light bulb access technology the name LiFi, and Mohammad Noshad from Harvard University stated that in the future, this technology will likely appear in household lamps and public places (shops, airports). ) The large LED screen.

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