What are the invisible screen brand summer mosquito selection screen window is very important

February 15, 2020

In today’s severely polluted outdoor environment, many people try not to go out. However, the long-term closure of doors and windows in the House is not conducive to the circulation of indoor air, and some people think that the doors and windows are open and closed. Therefore, there are more and more manufacturers of invisible screens on the market. With the improvement of people's living standards and quality of life, the demand for building materials and accessories in furniture is also getting higher and higher. Not only are they required to have a full range of functions and functions, but they all pay attention to their beauty, and invisible screens are very good. This point, beautiful and practical, screens, strong sealing, practical convenience, a wide range of applications, invisible screen window has become a hot product. So, what are the invisible screen brands ? Invisible screens are expensive? Here are some good invisible screens brands that I would like to recommend for you. If you have any need in this area, you may wish to follow me to learn more about it!

Invisible screens

Invisible screens are automatic rewind screens made with gauze. Invisible screens are mainly used to prevent mosquitoes. The frame of the invisible screen is tightly attached to the window frame. When in use, the screen is pulled down. When it is not suitable, the screen is automatically retracted into the box and does not occupy any space. The use of invisible screens is very convenient, and it has good sealing properties. It has a wide range of types and is recognized by many consumers.

Invisible window advantages

1. The appearance of invisible screens is beautiful and the structure is strict, not only practical, but also has a good decorative effect;

2. The invisible screen window does not occupy any space and is easy to use and easy to store;

3, invisible screens are cheap, use environmentally friendly materials, non-toxic and tasteless, wide application range, good ventilation;

4. Invisible screens are directly installed in window frames. Wood, steel, aluminum, and plastic doors and windows can be assembled. Corrosion resistance, high strength, anti-aging, and fire resistance are good.

Invisible screen classification

There are many types of invisible screens, which are generally divided into invisible screens for blinds, invisible screens for folding, and hidden invisible screens for stickers. Among them, the stealth screen window has the most extensive application range. It is easy to use and easy to store. The folding stealth screen window has a great advantage in appearance. The design is fashionable and elegant, and it has a very good decorative effect. The magnetic screen fixes the hidden screen window. The use of the highest security, the most stable installation.


Invisible screen window application

Although the invisible screen window has a wide range of applications, it is not suitable for all windows. For example, the invisible screen window is not suitable for the flat window of the aluminum alloy structure, because the plastic steel flat window is too large to handle, so it is not suitable for installing invisible yarn; and the flat window that is opened from the bottom is not suitable for installing invisible screen windows. Magnetically invisible screens; Inwardly-open windows are generally concentrated in northern cities, and the climate is rather harsh and is not suitable for installing invisible screens. Therefore, it is appropriate to install invisible screens when considering in-house windows when purchasing invisible screens.

Invisible screen brand

Among the most invisible screens are Beijing Nature Invisible Screens, Bangyuan Invisible Screens, China-Olympic Invisible Screens, Tianjin Mengxiu Invisible Screens, and Tianjin Jiele Invisible Screens. In fact, when buying a brand, we must pay more attention to the sale of invisible screens. In addition, the style must be new. Do not be a particularly bad sign are all in the selection range.

Invisible screen price

Stealth screens are common and more common building materials. There are certain differences in the prices of invisible screens of different types, different specifications, different brands, and different levels on the market. The prices of high-grade invisible screens are between 500 and 1,000 yuan, while those of invisible screens that are slightly smaller are between 300 and 500 yuan. Of course, there are also invisible screens between 100 and 300 yuan. Invisible screen prices are inconsistent in different seasons and different brand prices.


Invisible screen accessories

1. Invisible screen window damper: It is also called invisible screen window buffer. When used, most of them are used with springs, which can effectively reduce the noise generated during the use of the product, make it soft and enhance the window grade.

2. Bearings: Bearings are divided into domestic bearings and imported bearings, which are selected according to the specific conditions of each region. Bearings made in China are open bearings. In areas with a lot of wind and sand, if you enter the dust, it will be unfavorable. Therefore, it is best to purchase imported silent bearings.

3. Springs: Springs are divided into window springs and door springs. Because it is an invisible accessory, in the installation of the screen door, use a few hands to look at the rewind effect. If the rollback is too loose, it may be a window spring.

4, gauze: gauze is divided into glass fiber mesh and polyester coated chemical fiber network. Glass fiber mesh is more popular, flame retardant, anti-aging, environmental protection, the quality of the gauze can be observed whether the hole is square, uniform, the color is uniform, the gauze surface is smooth, the general life of glass fiber gauze is up to 8 years , but many times because the gauze is too much dust to be replaced. Polyester-coated chemical fiber webs are mainly used for folding screens or folding screens. They are characterized by continuous folding, lighter weight and less distortion. However, the service life is not long, and it usually occurs in 3-4 years.

Stealth screen installation method

The way the curtains are opened determines how the curtains are installed. In general, there are two types of curtain opening methods in the market: flat open and push pull. The flat open type is fixed to the window with several straight screws and cannot be moved. The push-pull type is screwed directly on the slide and can be moved on the slide. Nowadays, it is nail-free installation that all households and manufacturers prefer to install. The installation method of nail-free stealth screens is fixed with high-strength double-sided adhesive and glass glue, which can be done without destroying the form and it is firmly installed. However, general high-rise residential buildings are not recommended to use nail-free stealth screens, because without screws, ten thousand An invisible screen window falls off and people do not notice it will cause a safety accident.

Editor's summary: The above is an invisible window screen brand which is important for the selection of summer mosquito screens. It is hoped that they can help those who have this need! Do you know something about invisible screens? In fact, the principle that must be adhered to when purchasing invisible screens is "the most suitable one is the best" and the invisible screens are suitable for all types of windows.

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