All the way hard all the way - the fifth Fuzhou home construction exhibition "on the road" propaganda

February 18, 2020

As the "First Exhibition of Haixi Home", Fuzhou Home Construction Exhibition has no doubt its role and influence. The active promotion and promotion in the “Running Exhibition” is to familiarize and recognize the Fuzhou Home Construction Exhibition with the image of professionalism, stability, development and development.

Since March, the Fuzhou Home Construction Promotion Team has started the whole process and started a long road to publicity and promotion. Nan'an Plumbing City, Putian Craft Exhibition, May 1 Auto Show, 518 Sea Fair, 618 Straits Achievement Exhibition. . . We went deep into the exhibitions at Fuzhou and all the surrounding exhibitions to promote the exhibition. At the same time, our investment team also went deep into the furniture and building materials market in Jiangxi Province to promote the home construction exhibition. Among them, the furniture company of Jiangxi Southwest Kang has reached a good cooperation intention with Fuzhou Jiajian Exhibition, and joined the Fuzhou Home Construction Exhibition. The Jiangxi Southwest Kang Museum was added to allow Nankang furniture companies to better display their own wind (ba) mining (qi).

In June, we continued to go north. At the Shanghai Construction Expo, which enjoys the reputation of “Asian Building Materials First Exhibition”, the promotion team organized five students to distribute the promotion, with more than 800 copies. Immediately after the Shanghai Kitchen and Bath Show, we distributed more than 500 copies of fans and gift pens. On the 12th, we moved to the Kunming and South Expos held in the southwest. On June 24th, the propaganda team went to the Suzhou Furniture Fair to start a three-day investment promotion exhibition. Every day, 200 people from relevant exhibitions from all over the world were received, making more people understand the Fuzhou home construction exhibition, and more people pay attention. Fuzhou home construction exhibition. In July, the weather became hotter and hotter. However, the home construction exhibition propaganda team did not stop. On July 3, we went to the Chengdu Furniture Fair to exchange ideas. On the 8th, he went to the Guangzhou Construction Expo and continued to organize student invitations. According to statistics, our publicity and promotion team distributed 20,000 items, 10,000 tickets and 10,000 invitations during the short period of several months. More than 20 exhibitions were held in large, medium and small cities across the country, and 30,000 people were added. Fuzhou home construction exhibition.

Such an intensive and busy publicity plan has only one purpose: to let more people know about the Fuzhou home construction exhibition and enter the Fuzhou home construction exhibition. And it is accurate, effective and continuous. It is an important direction for our exhibition team to work hard. Although it is hard, it harvests fragrance. We believe that the enthusiasm of promotion will surely usher in a new world for the success of the exhibition!

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