Renovation of water and electricity acceptance standards to eliminate hidden engineering risks

February 20, 2020

Home and hydropower projects are closely related to our lives. Therefore, the quality of hydropower projects must be shut down when housing is accepted. However, most owners are unable to start with the acceptance of hydropower, and they do not know whether the hydropower construction complies with the regulations. The hydropower project should not only be careful when constructing, but after the completion of the construction, it should be checked and accepted. Hydropower acceptance refers to acceptance of the upper and lower water pipelines on the project and acceptance of electrical and electrical appliances. So, do you know what are the steps for the decoration of water and electricity acceptance standards ? How can we prevent hydropower hazards? Here I have summed up the guidelines for the decoration of the 8 hydropower acceptance standards , hoping to help meet the needs of friends!

Decoration and hydropower acceptance process and precautions

I. Hydropower preparations

1, tools

Simple test tool test tools include pressure test pumps, flow wrenches, hexagonal wire, raw tape, and plugs. The picture on the left is a simple 30cm square pressure testing tool, including jacks, pressure gauges, water tanks and connecting hoses.

2. Preparation

(1) Connect the hot and cold water pipes to form a circle with a hose, and the pressure at this time is zero.

(2) Seal the plugs of other outlets except the lowest outlet of the test pressure pipeline. It is recommended to use solid and durable metal plugs such as copper plugs.

Second, the water acceptance process

1, pressure test

(1) Open the inlet valve, slowly fill the water from the lowest outlet of the pipeline, fully exhaust the gas in the pipeline, and tighten the pressure test pump switch.

(2) Close the main inlet valve and slowly increase the pressure on the pipeline. After boosting up to the specified test pressure, observe whether the joints and plugs are leaking.

(3) PPR, aluminum-plastic PPR, steel-plastic PPR and other welded tubes are kept for more than 30 minutes, and non-welded tubes such as aluminum-plastic tubes and galvanized tubes are kept for 4 hours. At the end of the test period, the drop in pressure shall not exceed 0.05 MPa as acceptable.

2, water pressure relief

After confirming that the test pressure is qualified, connect the pipe end to the water distribution piece, supply water at working pressure, and open the water distribution piece in batches to check whether each water outlet is unblocked.


Third, the electricity acceptance process

1, check

Check whether the intercom, emergency call button of the house is normal, whether the doorbell is normal, the safety of the insurance outlet, the outlet of the TV broadband, including the number and safety of the bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc.

2, the safety of electrical circuit switch box

The safety and convenience of electrical circuit, according to the provisions of each set of residential circuit should not be less than 5, the switch box is installed in a solid switch, can change the check, whether there is a loose phenomenon. Each shunt switch in the switch box should be clearly marked. If not or not clear, correct it immediately during the renovation.

3, electric pen test socket panel

Use an electric pen to test whether the socket panel is a bit, whether there are any problems with all the switches, sockets, and the main valve in the house, pull down the socket switch in the main switch box, the indicator light goes off, frequent test several times to prove that the switch, wiring is good, socket Safety.

4, pull valve off test

When the gate and meter are outdoors, they should check whether they can control the indoor lamps and the indoor outlets. After the gate is turned on, whether the indoor power is completely turned off; if the gate is open, the gates should also be checked separately. Control each branch line.

5, see whether the electricity meter

Meter installation is currently 10 (40) A single-phase power meter, the operation is normal. Or fast or slow should be repaired. The number of meter readings used, because during construction, workers may use your energy, and the money is not the owner.

Fourth, water and electricity acceptance considerations

1, the test pressure should be 1.5 times the working pressure of the pipeline system, and shall not be less than 0.6MPa, the pressure value is generally between 0.6MPa-0.8MPa, not the bigger the better, the longer the pressure is not better.

2. The pipelines buried in the floor surface and in the wall must be hydrostatically tested before sealing the tank.

3. When testing pressure, the pipeline shall be fixed, the joints of the pipeline shall be exposed, and the water outlets of the pipeline shall not be connected with the water distribution equipment.

4. Pipes connected by hot melt shall be tested after the installation of the pipeline for 24 hours.

5, other reasons for testing the difference grid: plug is not installed, the main valve of the valve type has quality problems.


Decoration and hydropower acceptance standards

First, the acceptance of the upper and lower water pipes

1. The quality of water supply, drainage pipe materials and plumbing fittings must meet the current national standards, including the name of the manufacturer, the factory brand, the product certificate, and the warranty book.

2. Pipes should be installed using special tools. Pipes must be treated with a standard reamer on the pipe before installation to prevent damage to the inner double rings of the copper joints. Leakage must not occur.

3. All kinds of valve installation location should meet the design requirements, easy to use and maintenance.

4. Pipes and pipes and valves shall be tightly connected. Pipes shall be threaded, and there shall be exposed threads at the joints. The installation shall be promptly fixed with a pipe clamp and no leakage shall occur.

5. The valve and faucet should be installed in a correct position. The use of the faucet is flexible and convenient. The water flow is unimpeded and the water meter is operating normally. Under the premise of satisfying the use, the valve, water meter, etc. may be in a relatively concealed position or surface decoration is appropriate.

Second, the acceptance of electrical and electrical appliances

Each household should have a separate distribution box. Even if one household has two similar suites, it cannot be arbitrarily combined.

1. The wire is discharged horizontally and vertically, and it is fixed with a metal wire clamp. The wire connection box is fixed with metal sodium. There is no scar on the surface of the wire.

2. The electrical piping in the ceiling shall be installed in the clear pipe. The piping shall not be fixed on the flat-top hanger or keel. Generally no hose is used. The metal hose itself should be grounded. All kinds of strong and weak wires must not be exposed in the ceiling.

3. The grounding protection should be reliable, and the insulation resistance between the wires and the ground should be greater than 0.5 mΩ.

4. The switch and the socket must have a cassette, the surface of the box is flat, the appearance is intact, the insulation equipment is crack-free, the installation is firm, and the installation mode is in compliance with the regulations. The switches, sockets, and terminal boxes installed in parallel shall be arranged neatly and securely except when they are installed as required.

5. The leakage switch must be installed correctly, with normal operation. The sensitivity test is in compliance with the regulations. It is too sensitive. The gate cannot be started if the gate is over-frequency or overloaded.

6. Leakage switch, electrical equipment, installation and operation instructions, certificate of conformity, and warranty card are all available and provide acceptance basis accordingly.

7. The heater installation must not use an ordinary socket, and it must not be directly mounted on combustible components. Bathroom sockets should be waterproof splash type.

8. The socket is generally 30cm away from the ground and should not be less than 20cm. When the wiring is connected to the switch, the zero line is directly used for electrical appliances. The switch is generally 1.3m high from the ground. Switch installation should consider ease of use.

Editor's summary: The above is the decoration of water and electricity acceptance criteria to eliminate the hidden dangers of hidden engineering related presentations, hoping to help meet the needs of friends! For more information, please continue to follow our website. Follow-up will present more exciting content. You can also purchase more of your favorite products on Qijia Mall!

Hydropower acceptance

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