Fire escape strategy

February 23, 2020

In the face of a big fire, we must adhere to the principles of "three importants," "three rescues," and "three nos."
"Three things" -
1. "Want" to be familiar with the environment of their own residence 2. "Waiting" to be calm and calm in case of failure 3. "To" Violently observe the infringement of tobacco poisoning. Observe and pay attention to the stairs, passages, gates, and emergency evacuation exits to the residence. Waiting at your fingertips, there are countless platforms, skylights, and temporary refuge layers.
In addition, let the whole family, especially children, understand the structure of the lock and know how to open and close the windows. In particular, it is worth noting that a window screen that has been screwed will make the window impossible to be an emergency exit. Therefore, doors and windows should ensure easy opening and closing. The child must also be taught to use a chair or other hard object to smash the glass of the window in an emergency.
A residential floor plan is attached to a prominent location in the home so that the whole family can easily see it. In the upper part of the map, detailed windows and doors marked with special signs, escape routes, obstacles, and gathering places for family members of the escaped family are painted in detail; if necessary, a family fire drill may be conducted.
In the face of a raging fire, only by maintaining calmness and calmness can we take prompt and decisive measures to protect the safety of ourselves and others and minimize the loss of property. Some people have made mistakes because of chaos, resulting in delays in the precious time of escape. For example, only knowing to push the door, but not to force to pull the door; mistake the wall as a door, slamming hard; or even regardless of 2721, blindly jumped ...
Before you open the door, touch the door first. If the door is hot or smoke has penetrated through the door seam, you cannot open the door and you are ready to take the second route. Even if the door is not hot, you can only open it carefully and pass it quickly, then immediately close the door again. Because the door will run into oxygen when it is wide open, this way, even a fire that is about to suffocate will suddenly burn.
In the fire, the biggest "killer" is not the fire itself, but a large amount of toxic smoke produced when it is burned. The main components are carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide, hydrogen chloride, and sulfur dioxide. A fire expert's research showed that when the carbon monoxide content in the air is 1%, people breathe into the coma after several breaths, and one or two minutes can cause death.
According to statistics, in the United States, the number of deaths caused by smoldering or poisoning due to smog accounted for more than two-thirds of the victims. To this end, experts recommended that the nose and mouth be caught in a wet towel and evacuated from the fire as quickly as possible. If the fire is too fierce, the exit passage is blocked by thick smoke, and there is no other route to go. We can use wet cotton as a cover, close to the ground “belt”, and pass through the densely smoked corridors and rooms. Never run with your body standing straight. Because the hot and cold air is convective, toxic fumes float in the upper part of the house space, and close to the ground will run into some fresh air for people to breathe. Standing and running may not be able to breathe and suffocate.
If your underwear is on fire, you should take it off immediately or roll it on the ground to get rid of the fire. If someone is scared and fled when the clothes are carried, they should be rolled on the ground until they are extinguished.
"Three rescues" -
1, choose the escape channel from the "rescue" 2, the rope fell "self-help" 3, to the outside world for "save"
In the event of a fire, the use of staircases, evacuation tunnels, and open staircases where the smoke is not strong or the fire has not yet been burned is the best choice. If you can reach the fire floor successfully, even if it is basically out of danger.
What should I do after encountering a passage or a staircase that has been blocked by a fire or toxic fumes? The rope should be used in time (or the curtains and sheets should be torn into long strips of thick strips), and one end should be firmly tied to a weight-bearing object such as a water pipe or a heating pipe, and the other end should hang down from the window. To the ground floor or lower floor balcony and so on. Then he descends along the rope and escapes from the fire.
If they were locked in the building by the fire and all the escape routes had been cut off, they would temporarily retreat to the house and close the doors and windows leading to the fire area. Staying in the room does not sit passively. You can water the doors and windows to slow the spread of the fire; at the same time, shout, beckon, flashlight, and throw objects through the window, send a distress signal, and wait for firefighters to rescue. In short, do not make things that are not conducive to escape because of impulsiveness.
"Three Nos" -
1, "No" by the ordinary elevator 2, "No" easily jumped 3, "No" greed for property found fire, people in order to stop the fire spread along the electrical circuit, will pull the power outage. Sometimes the fire will blow the wires. If you take an ordinary elevator to escape, you may be in trouble if you have a blackout. If you can't get up and you can't get in, it's tantamount to trapping yourself in a cage. The dangerous consequences are predictable. In particular, it should be pointed out that fire extinguishers installed in accordance with fire protection requirements are excluded because they have separate power supply controls and other safety equipment that can be used for evacuation.
The risk of jumping off a building to survive is extremely high. Even if you don’t do anything at all, you must pay attention to the method. First of all, you should throw a quilt or mattress downstairs so that the body does not directly collide with hard cement or stone pavement to reduce the possibility of injury; then grab the window edge with both hands, the body sagging, feet jump down, Reduce the gap with the ground.
The fire is extremely fast and can enter a fierce stage after 10 minutes. According to relevant data, when the fire reaches a violent stage, the horizontal diffusion speed of the flue gas is 0.5 to 0.8 meters per second, and the vertical vertical diffusion rate of the flue gas is faster, reaching 3.4 meters per second, and Often accompanied by "deflagration" and the collapse of buildings and other emergencies. Therefore, firefighting experts warn that in the event of a fire, the escape must be quickly evacuated. Do not waste time dressing or looking for valuables, because any treasure is more precious than life. Moreover, after having fled the fire scene, they would return to the flamingo for their belongings. In the end, they could only be human and financial, and they would perish.

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