How to Remove the Tiles from Tiles and Analyze the Causes

February 25, 2020

In home improvement, the application of wall tiles is becoming more and more extensive. Tiles have played an important role in our daily lives. Tiles also provide our visual enjoyment while keeping our interiors tidy. However, due to various reasons, after the tile was used for a period of time, there was a phenomenon that the tiles fell off, which not only affected the effect of use, but also left a block of unsightly "scars" on the complete wall and ground. Well, you must want to know how to deal with the loss of tiles ? What are the causes and solutions to the falling of tiles? What methods can be used to prevent it during use? If you fall off of the tiles is still very clear how to do so, following on with me together to understand the relevant knowledge of tiles falling introduce it!

How to deal with the loss of tiles - the main reason

1. The basement of the wall ground is not treated properly, or the watering is insufficient;

2. The cushion cement mortar is too thick or water is added;

3, the dust on the back of the tile is not removed or water infiltration is not enough, when the tile is not cleaned on the back of the tile stains, water traces too much, resulting in false bonding;

4, for the national standards of porcelain tiles water absorption is E ≤ 0.5%, ceramic tile national standards is> 10%, so the adhesive force is far weaker than the ceramic brick, the expansion rate of the ceramic tile is about 4 × 10-6 The shrinkage rate of concrete is more than double that of porcelain bricks. When the cement shrinks, the shrinkage of porcelain bricks and the ground is inconsistent, and two different objects must be separated. In this case, empty drums appear at the bottom of the porcelain tiles.

5, Porcelain tiles have low water absorption, such as large impact force (such as heavy impact, trample, etc.) when they are not completely cemented, resulting in the separation of two different bricks and cement and empty drums at the bottom of the brick. ;

6. Due to the inconsistent density of the mortar, the mortar has settled after the completion of the initial condensing period, resulting in hollowing and loosening;

7, cement does not meet the requirements;

8, and the thermal expansion coefficient of cement is different, there is a temperature difference stress after large-size tiles are paved, seasonal temperature fluctuation will cause the bond strength to decrease;

9. The product itself has unreasonable back grain or very much attached brick bottom powder and has not taken corresponding measures during construction;

10, between the tiles, especially the large size of the left seam is too small, the tile thermal expansion and contraction caused by mutual extrusion, warping, cracking.


Tiles fall off how to do - Solution

To solve the problem, we must first find out the problem, and tile the tile for 24 hours for acceptance. Once empty drums are found, first judge the empty situation

1, a large area empty drum. In this case, you can only remove it completely.

2, a small amount of wall hollowing. If the location does not affect the installation of cabinets, mirror cabinets, showers, water heaters, etc., it may not be processed. Otherwise, it is recommended to knock off resurfacing.

3, empty corners. Such hollow drums can be grouted.

4, if the paving time is longer but found hollow, when the removal of the proposed opening from the middle of the brick, slowly smashed around to pick up. Avoid damage to surrounding bricks.

How to prevent the loss of tiles in life

1. When laying ceramic tiles, it is required that the cement paste layer be evenly painted, and the brushing time should not be too long to prevent air-drying and hard-bonding, resulting in the separation of the surface layer and the grass-roots layer, resulting in kicking.

2, strictly according to the ratio of mixing mortar, can not add water, mortar used dry hard, general thickness control in 2-3 cm is appropriate.

3. When paving the floor tiles, the dust on the back should be cleaned and moistened to ensure good bonding.

4. When paving the floor tile, the four corners are pressed at the same time so that they are in parallel contact with the mortar, and the cable is 2-3 cm higher than the cable, and then tapped with a wooden hammer or a rubber hammer, and the face is leveled with a level ruler. After laying out a piece, lay it on both sides or back. If there is a subsidence phenomenon, the tiles should be lifted and then laid flat with mortar and then laid.


Other special considerations

Sometimes, in spite of strictly following the construction specifications during the construction process, there are occasional problems. To ensure that everything is safe, we should also pay attention to the following matters during construction work:

1. The porcelain tiles and large-size products should be made of sample pieces before and during the construction process to do bond strength tests (especially for some large-scale engineering projects) to prevent the blind construction from causing a large area of ​​emptying or falling off and causing severe Economic losses.

2, cement should not be used early strength type, the main drawbacks of summer decoration is: cement mortar mixed, not long before you get rid of, is very unfavorable to the construction, will lead to empty floor tiles. 3, for more complex walls, such as the surface is too smooth, coated with a waterproof layer of the wall must be done on the basis of the corresponding treatment, such as brushing, pulling hair, hanging wire mesh and other means.

Editing Summary: The above is how the tiles fall off and how to do the tiles off the analysis of the causes and solutions related to the introduction, it is necessary to note that if the tiles are only part of the shedding, do not be able to beat the mortar on the basis of the surface, in order to prevent the shock around the original strong Tiles. For more information, please continue to follow our website.

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