Horizontal fire pump selection points what?

February 29, 2020

Fire pump in the emergence and use of our market for a long time, many of our fire pump brand, the production of fire pump companies are countless, and on the current market, the fire pump point of view, The quality of good and bad, which gives users a certain degree of difficulty in the selection of fire pump, fire pump selection point what? Today Xiaobian share several on the horizontal fire pump selection points, as follows: 1), fire pump performance parameters require ordinary fire pump condition 1: 1m deep suction should meet the rated flow (Qn) and rated pressure (Pn) requirements, while the working pressure should not exceed 1.05 times the rated pressure. Working condition 2: When the suction depth is 1m, the flow rate is 1.5 Qn, the working pressure should not be less than 0.65 Pn. The maximum working pressure should not exceed 1.4 Pn. Deep Well, Submersible Fire Pump Working Condition 1: When the suction depth is 0m, the rated flow rate (Qn) and rated pressure (Pn) requirements, while the working pressure should not exceed 1.05 times the rated pressure. Case 2: When the suction depth 0m, the flow rate of 1.5 Qn, working pressure should not be less than 0.65 Pn. Large working pressure shall not exceed 1.4 Pn. Horizontal fire pump selection points are there? 2), structural requirements, corrosion resistance, mechanical properties, continuous operation and other properties of the test should be consistent with GB6245-2006 standard requirements. 3) The pump used in the pump group should be type-tested and type tested and in accordance with relevant standards. The prime mover should be selected by the stereotypes and meet the relevant standards. The engine should have good start-up performance at room temperature, should ensure smooth start within 5s. Lead water within 20s, should be able to fire pump rated conditions. 4), pump impeller rotation flexible, no jamming phenomenon. 5) Fire pump flow and pressure should be based on the services of the building (or factory plant, residential area), yard, storage tanks and other fire water and water pressure requirements are determined by calculation. Fire pumps should meet the fire water pressure and flow requirements. Pump flow, lift not less than the required value of the design, nor lower than the performance curve given. 6), temporary high-pressure fire water supply system fire pump should be prepared for use, or use a prepared. Spare fire pump working capacity should not be less than one of the largest fire pump. Multi-use a backup, should consider more than one fire pump when working in parallel, the impact on system traffic and pressure. 7), select the fire pump, the flow ~ pressure (Q ~ P) characteristic curve should be flat without hump. Conditional when the choice of tangent pump or pump valve (pressure regulator valve) integrated pump unit. The above is the selection of horizontal fire pump points for your reference in the purchase. This article belongs to Industrial Internet (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd. All are welcome to reprint, please indicate the author and source. Author: Asian pumps Network Editor: Yue Lijuan (QQ / micro letter:) starting: http: //beng.liuti.cn/ (service hotline:)

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