Application of AFPM100/B fire equipment power monitoring system in Wuxi SK Hynix W17 dangerous goods warehouse project

March 06, 2020

Through the introduction of the Ankerui fire equipment power monitoring system in Wuxi SK Hynix W17 dangerous goods warehouse project, the realization of the function of the fire control equipment power monitoring system and its significance are expounded.
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0 Project Overview

Wuxi SK Hynix is ​​located in the export processing area of ​​Wuxi New District, Jiangsu Province. It is a world-class storage manufacturer. The design scope of this project is W17 dangerous goods warehouse fire load dual power supply circuit, a total of 1 dual power distribution box. This project installs dual power supply voltage signal sensors in the fire load distribution box. The fire equipment power status monitor is set in the warehouse fire control room, and the system adopts bus form networking. The background graphic display device of the project is set in the control center, and the fire equipment power monitor uploads the data to the background graphic display device by forwarding.

1 User requirements

This project requires the fire protection equipment power monitoring system to monitor the faults and abnormal conditions of the power supply of Wuxi SK Hynix fire-fighting equipment, and promptly alert the relevant personnel to eliminate these hidden dangers, to prevent fire-fighting equipment from being available when the fire occurs, and the equipment cannot Normally put into use.

To facilitate on-duty monitoring and management, the central host should have the following main functions:

1) According to the power distribution drawings, monitor the fire equipment of each circuit and master the operation of the power supply of the fire equipment.

2) Fire equipment power monitoring system can realize a unified monitoring platform, which can obtain real-time data of all parameters in the system; intelligent management of the entire fire equipment power monitoring system can detect relevant information such as the voltage status of the fire equipment power supply. Therefore, it is judged whether the power supply of the fire-fighting equipment has fault information such as open circuit, short circuit, over voltage, under voltage, phase loss and error.

3) The host should monitor the alarm and fault alarm events with real-time printing of event number, monitoring location, event nature, alarm parameters and date and time data. The alarm event data should be stored separately, with an independent query interface, and can not be modified for fault liability analysis.

4) In addition to the above provisions, other functions and performance of the mainframe shall comply with the national standard GB 28184-2011 "Fire Equipment Power Monitoring System" and GB 25506-2010 "Fire Control Room General Technical Requirements" standard.

2 Reference standard

The system is designed to meet the manufacturing and testing standards listed below:

1.ISO/IEC11801 "International Integrated Wiring Standards"

2.GB/50198 "Technical Specifications for Monitoring System Engineering"

3.GB28184-2011 "Fire Equipment Power Monitoring System"

4.GB25506-2010 "General Technical Requirements for Fire Control Room"

5.GB/T 50314-2006 "Intelligent Building Design Standards"

6.GB50016-2006 "Code for Fire Protection of Building Design"

7.GB50303-2002 "Building electrical installation engineering construction quality acceptance specification"

8.JGJ 16-2008 "Electrical Design Code for Civil Buildings"

9.GB50052-2009 "Design Specification for Power Supply and Distribution System"

10.GB50054-2011 "Low-voltage power distribution design specification"

3 solutions

3.1 System Structure

Wuxi SK Hynix W17 dangerous goods warehouse project fire equipment power monitoring system uses a three-layer structure networking mode of the background graphic display device + fire equipment power status monitor + voltage sensor. According to the actual requirements of the project, the voltage sensor model for the fire protection equipment power monitoring system is: AFPM3-2AV, and the fire equipment power status monitor model is AFPM100/B. AFPM100/B is set in the warehouse fire control room, and one RS485 bus and DC24V power cable are connected to the sensors in the field distribution box, which leads to another RS485 bus connected with the background graphic display device, because the warehouse fire control room distance is controlled. The center is far away (more than 500 meters), and fiber transmission is used to ensure communication quality. The system topology is as follows:

China Hardware Business Network

China Hardware Business Network

3.2 AFPM100/B system function China Hardware Business Network

3.2.1 Monitoring alarm function

1) The status of the power circuit switch of the monitored equipment

2) Working status of the monitored equipment power supply (voltage, current and alarm status information)

3) Alarm response time: ≤100s

4) Alarm sound signal: It can be manually eliminated. When there is alarm signal input again, it can be started again.

5) Alarm light signal: red LED indicator is always on China Hardware Business Network

3.2.2 Control output function

1) Remote remote operation of alarm relays of individual or all monitored equipment

2) Monitor control output: normally open passive contact, capacity: AC250V 3A or DC30V 3A China Hardware Business Network

3.2.3 Fault alarm function

1) The connection between the monitor and the module (voltage/current signal sensor) is open and shorted

2) Monitor mains undervoltage (≤80% mains voltage) or overvoltage (≥110% mains voltage)

3) The connection between the monitor and its separate power supply is open and shorted.

4) When the above fault occurs in the monitor, it can emit an acousto-optic fault alarm signal that is clearly different from the monitoring alarm signal.

5) Fault alarm response time: ≤100s

6) Fault alarm sound signal: manual elimination, when there is an alarm signal input again, it can be started again

7) Fault alarm light signal: yellow LED indicator is always on

8) During the fault, the normal operation of the non-faulty loop is not affected. China Hardware Business Network

3.2.4 Self-test function

1) Connection check: open circuit and short circuit of communication line and split power line

2) Equipment self-test: manual inspection or system self-test

3) Self-testing time: ≤60s China Hardware Business Network

3.2.5 Alarm Recording Function

1) Record 10000 related fault alarm information

2) Alarm type: fault type, time of occurrence, fault description

3) Alarm event query

4) Alarm record printing

3.2.6 Printing function

The monitoring system can print Chinese characters and print alarm events and time, fault events and time.

3.2.7 Silencing

In the event of an alarm such as an alarm or a fault, the speaker of the monitoring device will give a corresponding alarm sound to prompt, press the “mute” button to terminate the alarm, and the alarm light will be green. During the period, the staff can handle the faults. Everything returned to normal and the alarm light went out. If a new fault occurs, the silence indicator will turn off and the speaker will sound an alarm again.

3.3 background graphics display device system function China Hardware Business Network

3.3.1 Fire equipment power status display

The fire equipment power monitoring system can simultaneously monitor the multi-device power operation status map of multiple buildings, monitor the power running status of each device in real time, and display the fault information through the change of red and green colors.

China Hardware Business Network

3.3.2 System Networking Display

The system topology diagram shows the networking diagram of the monitoring module from the system monitoring host to the terminal, which is suitable for large building groups or many field devices. Among them, the system monitoring host is the station control management layer, which is responsible for collecting and analyzing the data transmitted by the field monitoring module and displaying it. The host power supply adopts AC220V, and the backup power supply can be provided by itself or provided by the site. The communication layer is composed of regional hosts. Each regional host can collect 128 monitoring modules. If it is in special circumstances, it can be expanded and powered by DC24V. The field device layer is composed of a field monitoring module, which collects status information of the power source and uploads it, and can be powered by the regional host.

China Hardware Business Network

3.3.3 Status display details

The interface is mainly for the power supply of all fire equipment in the single building. As shown in the figure, each fire-fighting equipment is powered by the main power supply. The voltage and current parameters are displayed in real time in the main power status column. When the parameter changes exceed the relevant regulations, the fault type of the power supply is displayed, and the sound and light alarm is performed. Query, reset and clear each alarm message at any time.

China Hardware Business Network

3.3.4 Maintenance

Maintenance functions include: device self-test, software reset, channel management, probe management, user management, and so on.

4 Conclusion

Wuxi SK Hynix W17 dangerous goods warehouse project fire equipment power monitoring system can monitor the power of fire equipment in real time, by detecting the voltage, current, switch status of the fire equipment power supply and other related equipment power information, to determine whether the power equipment has an open circuit Fault information such as short circuit, overvoltage, undervoltage, phase loss, phase error and overcurrent (overload) are alarmed and recorded. The system is reliable, real-time and features digital, intelligent, networked, automated and continuous monitoring. Real-time reflection of the status of the power of the monitored equipment, and centralized display, which can effectively avoid the critical situation that the fire-fighting equipment can not work normally due to power failure during the fire, and maximize the reliability of the fire-fighting linkage system.


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