Real water or water consumption? The truth behind the water-saving toilet

March 11, 2020

The toilet is the big water consumer in the home. Therefore, when water-saving toilets were launched, people's hearts were delighted and thought that they could save a lot of water fees; but some people bought a water-saving toilet for a while and found that the new toilet was more water-consuming than before. What has actually happened? In this issue's pitfalls, Xiao Bian revealed to us the tricks hidden in water-saving toilets.

I. Case review

Ms. Cheng said that the original toilet in the house had poor cleaning power and was also very water-consuming. Therefore, she went to a building materials market last month to spend more than 2,000 yuan to buy a "new super water-saving" toilet. The purchase guide at the time of purchase indicated that the small amount of water used in the toilet was 2.6 liters, and the big size was 4.8 liters, which was smaller than the 6 litre required by the national standard, and was easy to use. After practical use, Miss Zheng found that the flush effect of small stalls was fine, but the stalls could hardly be cleaned at once, and they had to be washed twice. As a result, the original water-saving plan was completely disrupted, and the new toilet was more expensive than before!

Second, water-saving toilet tricky

1, water-saving toilet but more water

Water-saving toilets that use less than 6 liters of water may become a big waste of water! The reason is simple. Some toilet flushes use less water each time, but one flush is not clean and needs to be washed two or three times repeatedly. Water saving naturally becomes a waste of water.

Therefore, consumers can't just look at their nominal water consumption when choosing toilets. If a small amount of toilets are not washed clean at one time, then there will be more wasted water, so comprehensive indicators such as clean-up rate and water exchange rate should be used. Measure the effectiveness of toilet flushing indicators.


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