Do you really understand the porch partition?

March 19, 2020

       The key to the porch , mysterious. The word may have originated from Mr. Feng Shui from Hong Kong and Macao. The entrance is generally called the entrance hall. The entrance is easy to be overlooked in the decoration, but this is also the most ingenious design in the decoration design. Generally speaking, it is necessary to make a partition for the entrance when decorating. From the perspective of feng shui and aesthetics, this partition has an important effect on the overall layout and the temperament of the house. Here are some of the knowledge about the porch separation .

First, the way of porch partition

There are two ways to porch partitions.

Hard porch

The hard porch is based on the partition space. Can be divided into two ways: full partition porch and semi-cut porch. 1) As the name suggests, the full cut-off porch is to incorporate the full-scale area of ​​the entrance area into the design section, from the ground to the ceiling, all the lines of sight are cut off. However, it is best not to use this partition because it may block the light and make the space appear narrow. 2) If the porch area is regarded as the horizontal axis and the vertical axis, the space is designed on the horizontal axis or the vertical axis by about 50%. It should be noted that this partitioning method is also from the ground to the top, but visually, half of the space can be seen.


2. Soft entrance

The porch partition of the soft porch is designed according to the basic information such as the ground, ceiling, wall and shoe cabinet. For example, the position of the shoe cabinet, according to the position of the shoe cabinet and the floor space to roughly define the design position of the entrance hall (the entrance hall).

Second, the porch partition considerations

1. The porch cuts off the feng shui.

The feng shui partitioned feng shui should pay attention to the following: 1) Clean and tidy. 2) Lighting is better. 3) The design uses materials and patterns to be auspicious. 4) The color of the porch floor should be darker. 5) The embellishment of green plants will bring vitality and vitality to the porch. 6) The wall of the entrance and the ground should be level, and avoid pits.


2. porch partition style.

Generally speaking, the porch partition should be consistent with the overall style of the interior decoration, and it is not necessary to arrange different styles for the porch partition for the auspicious and auspicious. Visually, the porch design color is best not to be too fancy, the porch has a buffer of sight. When you enter the door, if the color is too thick and colorful, it will give people some discomfort.

3. The porch is placed off.

The porch partition not only plays a visual role, but also places the furniture such as shoe cabinets and cabinets. When designing, the placement of these furniture should be arranged. Because the porch usually has a small space, the use of space is very important. Remember to place it at random to avoid confusion.

The design of the porch partition is the first impression of the interior of the house when entering the door. Any fine designer will not despise the design of the porch. A good porch partition can not only reflect the aesthetic characteristics of the homeowner, but also show its taste and pursuit of life.

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