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March 24, 2020

Small units are simply decorated and seem simple, but they must be comfortable and warm. People are more and more inclined to "light decoration and decoration." Today Xiaobian brought us a set of simple and small apartment renovations . Come and have a look!

Opposite the mirror, there is a small seating area where you can sit for a cup of coffee or take a look at the photo album. If a friend of one party comes to talk about things, it can also become a separate area for the other party and it will not cause trouble to the other party.

Take a look at the living room. Two large windows keep the room well lit and airy. White couches, armchairs, black LCD screen TVs, mobile white TV cabinets, everything is so simple and comfortable.

The white walls and sporadic jump colors form an interesting contrast and build a wonderful visual space. The empty one at the entrance seems to be very wasteful, and actually there is another mystery. A black guitar is Bob's favorite, he is playing a wonderful song by it to catch the aunt. It seems that this graduate student who studies the history of Sino-foreign relations is still quite romantic.

The high cabinet next to the sofa should be their wardrobe. Although the decoration of the living room is simple, it is too simple.

Although the kitchen is small, the design is still very practical. It accommodates a restaurant and a dining area. The large windows make the light bright. The design of the upper cabinet and lower cabinet increases the storage space. The old and old red brick walls have added a sexy look to this modern little home. There is a bit of a sense of return in the fashion.

The above is a set of examples of simple and small apartment renovations. We hope to help you with the renovation. For more information on small apartment renovation, please continue to pay attention to information on this website.

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