How to stick your own wallpaper tips: prolong wallpaper life, the wall base is critical

March 24, 2020

How to put your own wallpaper ? For the wallpaper, if the material of the shop is different, the processing method it takes is different. If it is a new house wall wallpaper, the substrate is the simplest. The procedure is the same as the basic wall construction, except that it is not painted, that is, the interface layer is normally brushed in the plastering layer, and then the scraping can be scraped 2-3 times. Then you can carry out other bricklayers, oil workers and other decoration, wait until the completion of the wallpaper on the wall. Experts said that if it is an old house wall, some judgments need to be made. If the original paint is tight and there is no shedding, you can brush the base film directly on the top (wallpaper necessary materials, can strengthen the wall surface, increase the wallpaper adhesion, protect the wall when you remove), and directly paving the wallpaper. However, if the original coating is not stable, the original substrate needs to be removed. If you want to make your own wallpaper, follow me to learn how to put your own wallpaper related steps!

How to put your own wallpaper

1. Grassroots treatment

Before sticking, the dirt or dust on the surface of the substrate or the substrate should be removed, and the pantothenic site should be cleaned with 9 percent dilute acetic acid. Grasshoppers, pits, sand grains and cracks are not allowed on the grass-roots level, and the yin and yang angles should be straight. The surface is smooth and the hair is treated before sticking.

After the grassroots was cleaned up, putty was put on the grass and the sandpaper was polished after drying.

Brush primer

Use an environmental varnish solution, etc. as a primer and brush the base surface.

3. Splitting line

First of all, in the interior of the room to the interior corner by the wallpaper format width, the angle should be wrapped in the corner, Yinjiao Department to overlap, and according to the sub-planned projectile perpendicular to the line, and numbered as the baseline of the paste.

4. Paper cut

According to the wall section size, according to the wallpaper pattern spelling required to cut a good paper, numbered on the corresponding number, two set aside 30 --- 50MM amount of cutting, flat put aside.

5. Brush adhesive

Wipe the workbench first, place the back of the cut wallpaper up evenly, brush it evenly with a big flat brush or roller, and press the upper third, the lower two thirds, and the plastic surface is folded Tube preparations. (The wall cloth and wall felt are not glued on the back so as not to pollute the front. Only apply glue to the wall).

6. Paste

Spread the glued wallpaper into the upper folded part, affix it to the wall, and paste it perpendicularly (horizontally) along the reference line to the wall (ceiling) and use a plastic scraper or brush to flatten it out to expel air bubbles and more adhesive. , Clean the wallpaper with a clean towel, and finally use a wallpaper knife to cut off the upper and lower parts.

If the natural side of the flower wallpaper, the right edge of the paper after the flower can be strict; if the natural edge is not uniform, can not patch the natural edge, then use the method of sucking and sticking. (That is, the two papers stick to one another after a good flowering. Using a long rod, the knife is cut along the midline of the overlapping part of the lap, tearing off the two cut edges, and scraping the paper with a squeegee. Right can be strict). The angle of the corner at the corner of the sun is really good. Place stitches at the inside corners and leave the head in the backlight. Note; (wall cloth, wall mat can not be affixed after the knife, such as the edge is not neat, should be used before the wallpaper with a knife to cut straight and then paste on the wall).


Paving Wallpaper Tips

1, gypsum substrate pay attention to crack prevention

If the original base of the wall is a gypsum board, care must be taken to protect it from moisture. The first step is to place all the self-tapping screws on anti-rust paint to prevent rust from corroding the wallpaper; then, the joints of the gypsum board shall be filled with white latex and gypsum powder to prevent the plaster from cracking. Experts emphasize that gypsum powder is used instead of putty because gypsum powder and gypsum belong to the same material, and the expansion and contraction coefficient are the same. If putty is used, the shrinkage factor is different, and cracking may also occur.

In order to ensure that no cracks appear, it is also necessary to apply a bandage to the joints after the gypsum powder is dried. In general, there are currently gauze cloths, kraft paper, and grids. Due to the large gauze gaps in the mesh and weak adhesion, it is rarely used at present. After the patching, the sanding and scraping work is performed again, and then the wallpaper is normally laid again.

2, wooden substrate to prevent deformation

What should I do if I need to apply wallpaper on wooden boards? First of all, a thin layer of paint should be applied to the wooden plates to prevent the wood from being deformed by moisture. Where cracks are present, make-up stitches are made using putty instead of gypsum powder. Because the atomic ash has high hardness and high stability, there is no problem of shrinkage and expansion.

The next step is to brush putty. Prepare putty with a 1:1 ratio of white latex and water and apply a thin layer. To be as thin as paper, in fact, it is to play a role in filling up the unevenness of the wooden board.

The putty layer also needs to be able to stick to the wooden board, and if it is not strong, it will easily cause the wallpaper to fall off. After polishing with sandpaper, a thin layer of paint (either solvent-based or water-based paint) can be used to prevent the wood from deforming and causing problems with the wallpaper. After these tasks are done, normal wallpaper paving can be performed.


How to Supervise Paving Wallpaper Work

1, before paving wallpaper, to remind the master, wallpaper is considered a good buy, will not be enough, so you can avoid them wasting wallpaper, you can also play the master's initiative to help you think about how to use scrap.

2, varnish is better than the base film, so that tearing off does not basically hurt the wall to facilitate the subsequent wallpaper change. Supervisors must soak the wallpaper.

3. The grassroots treatment on the wall must be smooth and clean. During construction, attention was paid to reminding workers that they must use plastering to smooth the walls, dry them, and then sand and sand them. Sometimes, in order to speed up the progress of the construction, the construction personnel wiped the wall casually. As a result, there was a gap in the wall surface, which made the attached wallpaper look uneven.

4, when paving wallpaper, it is best to prepare a certain number of good quality glue, remind the master not to save, how much to switch to use.

5. After sticking the wallpaper, remind the master that the wall should not be evacuated. Otherwise, the wallpaper will shrink due to who it is.

6, when paving the wallpaper to remind the master must not be fast, must be posted carefully, so as not to lay a large gap in wallpaper.

Editor's summary: The above is how to wallpaper their own professionals to support: to extend wallpaper life, the wall base to deal with good related presentations, hoping to help meet the needs of friends! For more information, please continue to follow our website. Follow-up will present more exciting content. You can also purchase more of your favorite products on Qijia Mall!

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