Floor heating and radiator heating radiator selection need to understand

March 25, 2020

Floor heating and radiator comparison? Floor heating and radiators are good choices for people to use for heating in winter, and these two different heating methods are different in terms of design, use, function, price, etc. How do we choose? Floor heating and radiator comparison? Next Xiaobian discusses this issue with you.

First of all, let's take a look at the difference between floor heating and radiators. Floor heating is a kind of heating method in which the hot water or heating cable is buried in the coil system under the geothermal floor to heat the entire floor and radiate heat through the floor facing the room. The radiator is a radiator heating radiator, as a modern life heating equipment has a unique charm.

Second, the comparison of heating and floor heating. From the installation effect, the heating heating is to install the radiator under the outer window, generally using the surface mounted, the pipeline is laid under the ground. Installation in this way occupies the room's horizontal space and affects the placement of furniture. Looking at the floor heating, it is a hidden system. The floor heating pipes are buried underground, which does not affect the decoration of the wall and the placement of the furniture.

From the aspect of heating effect, heating of radiators is based on convection-based heating. The radiator first heats the air around it, so that the air forms convection in the room to achieve heating purposes. As a result, the temperature around the radiator is high. Because this type of heating is convection, the hot air convects from top to bottom, and the room temperature is hot under the cold, giving people the feeling that the head is hot and cold, and the comfort is relatively poor.

In terms of thermal efficiency, the heating temperature is higher, the room temperature rises in a short period of time, and the thermal efficiency is very high. It is desirable that users who can select heating in a short period of time can choose heating radiators. On the other hand, the specific heat of warm water in warm water is relatively high, so the temperature rise is slow.

Floor heating and radiator comparison? Xiao Bian today has already introduced this issue and everyone, but whether it is heating or floor heating, heating methods are radish greens have love, consumers have their own reasons for choice, no matter which This is a good choice for bringing convenience to home life.

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