What is the difference between the price of "air energy water heaters" in those years?

March 28, 2020

In recent years, with the global energy crisis and the environmental crisis further intensified, the countries of the world are uniting and jointly implementing the obligation of “energy saving and emission reduction”. The “low carbon” trend has suddenly emerged and become a hot topic in the world. At present, countries are adopting the annual carbon emissions stipulated by the Kyoto Protocol as the standard of action. At the end of 2014, countries have concluded the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, which will urge countries to form a plan of action after 2020, and will also promote The industry continues to raise awareness of low carbon environmental protection. Water heater is one of the household kitchen appliances with high frequency of use. Its quality is directly related to the convenience and comfort of life, and its energy consumption and power consumption are also large. Therefore, with the constant awakening of the concept of green consumption, consumers are When purchasing a water heater, it will gradually choose to choose green and healthy products.

Many people talk about the air energy water heaters will always think of its price, the lowest 4000, more than tens of thousands, much higher than electricity, gas, solar water heaters, but why is the price of air energy water heaters so high? The following small series to analyze the air The reason why the price can be high.

1. High research and development cost: Before the air energy water heater is not available in China, it takes a lot of time, energy and financial resources for a manufacturer to develop a product. It needs to customize various templates, various financial resources, mold opening, foaming, assembly, transportation, energy efficiency standards. The test has been tested hundreds of times, so the cost of research and development is very high, even after the flat price, the price is high.

2. Accessories import: Compressor, expansion valve, insulation material are all imported, domestic production of compressors, etc. The quality is not imported, easy to break, frequent maintenance. A good compressor can work below zero. The domestic operation in the north is easy to freeze. The insulation material is generally expensive. It is the key to the 24-hour constant temperature. The imported insulation is better. The domestic water temperature is cold and the life is not good. So long.

3. Product value: The value brought by air energy water heater is very large, protect family safety, central constant temperature hot water, solve kitchen sultry problem, save electricity, protect the environment, high technology, bring enjoyment, etc., so high value products, The price will also be high, and the important factor of high air price.

4. Manufacturer positioning: Some manufacturers take high-end brands, some go low-end brands, different positioning, different prices, different materials, research and development costs, services, etc., so choose the brand that suits you.

5. After-sales maintenance: The general warranty for air-energy water heaters is 6 years. If there is a problem with the product, the cost of repair will be very large, and from the manufacturer to the wholesaler, the wholesaler and the dealers, the price will be upgraded after 4000 or even tens of thousands. It is all possible.

Compared with the traditional gas and electric water heaters, the air energy water heater is heated by the medium to convert heat, and does not need to heat the original parts to contact with the water, thereby realizing the complete separation of water and electricity, no leakage, poisoning, explosion and the like, and the safety is superior; At the same time, it has changed the way solar products rely on direct sunlight or radiation to obtain heat. Whether it is rainy, evening, or spring, summer, autumn and winter, air can supply high-quality hot water for 24 hours. Moreover, air energy water heaters use one-degree electricity. The heat generated by 4 degrees of electricity can be obtained from the air. The power consumption is only about one quarter of the electric water heater, one third of the gas water heater, and one half of the solar water heater. These will be the universal choice of air. The most motivating reason for a water heater.

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